How to Fix Your Eyeliner




Introduction: How to Fix Your Eyeliner

So when you feel that your eyeliner isn't on point this is a trick you can do to fix it.

1. First with a Q-Tip dip this into some makeup remover and then take this from the outer corner of the eye and wipe out and this should help give the correct shape.

2. Keep going back in with the q-tip and eyeliner until you feel its right.

3. Then with some concealer or foundation apply thin underneath the eyeliner. This is because you have removed your makeup by using the Q-tip and could be red from the rubbing.

4. If you have created a wing that is to thick just go in above the line and keep wiping away till you are happy.

4. Then when you are finished you may need to touch up your eye makeup and this could have been removed.



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