Introduction: How to Fix Your Flip Phone's Screen

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Step 1: Getting the Back Off

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Unscrew the back of your phone. You should have a MEID HEX circuit board.

Step 2: Unscrew the Metal Label.

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Unscrew the small metal plate that gives you access to the main circuit board.

Step 3: The "insides."

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It looks complicated, but you just need to take off the top part of the phone.

Step 4: The Wire

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The small wire in the picture is the wire that sends the information that you type to the screen. That is the piece that you need to replace.

Step 5: Complicated?

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The wire is the piece that you need to replace.

Step 6: Simply Connect

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This piece is like a sticker, you just simply connect it to the little port on the side. Like a one piece puzzle.

Step 7: TA DA!!!!

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Now your phone is ready and working.


caitlinsdad (author)2013-02-03

Besides it not being a flip phone, everyone knows you do not go to the stores you mentioned to find proprietary electronic parts. You should change "fix" to "break".

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