Introduction: How to Fix a Fountain Pen

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If your fountain pen leaks at the nib then go to the first step.I bought a NVIZIO sunlight pen collection and when I filled it up I touched the back of the nib then I discovered the leak.

Step 1: Take Out the Ink

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Turn the knob or on some pens take out the cartridge.

Step 2: Wash Out

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Turn the knob clockwise and counter clockwise to suck in and push out water or soak it in water.

Step 3: Let It Dry

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Let it dry

Step 4: Done!

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Done! The extra ink that was left sealed it up then it didn't leak.


ToshaS4 (author)2017-02-23

I can't get my targa 1005 shaeffer pen to write. I have cleaned it and all. If I put the pen to paper and squeeze cartridge it comes from bottom only not through the tip. Any suggestions??

Phil B (author)2008-10-06

I have always liked fountain pens ever since my first year of high school when Schaeffer brought out a clear plastic cartridge fountain pen that sold for one dollar. That close to 50 years ago. Flushing out the inking system as you describe cures a lot of fountain pen ills, but not all of them by a long shot. About 95% of fountain pen problems, such as poor ink flow or burping ink onto the paper, are due to a poor fit between the nib and the feeder. That allows air to get in where air should not be getting in. I have thought about doing an Instructable on how to restore nib to feeder fit, and some other things related to making a pen write well.

Viviangtzdep (author)Phil B2016-12-27

Hi Phil, I hope you are still reachable. I have a vintage fountain pen. I wonder if it is missing pieces. If i send you pictures,would you let me know if there is something missing?

Phil B (author)Viviangtzdep2016-12-28

I will give it a try.

corpsbum (author)Phil B2010-04-07

Please do the instructable about restoring nib to feeder fit! Please!!!

I have two beloved pens that I suspect have an issue with that fit and I want to restore them to the rotation soon. Many would welcome your tutorial!

Phil B (author)corpsbum2010-04-07

Actually, I did it.  What you want is in step 7 of this Instructable.  From what I read, 95% of all fountain pen problems are due to poor fit between the nib and the feeder.  Thanks.

Phil B (author)Phil B2010-08-04

I made some changes in the Instructable linked above. Step 7 is now step 8.

muyo19 (author)Phil B2008-10-07

Thanks for the advice.

uzma.khatdija (author)2015-04-09

I found a a really old sheaffer pen at home which isn't working now. You are actually supposed to use a cartridge for it but I don't have them so I tried filling the pen with ink after unscrewing it. Would this work? Or I have to use cartridge only? Cant I just fill ink? And its really old would soaking in water help? Should I just dip the whole pen in water?

tmboyd (author)2009-01-09

This is an awesome tutorial in that I am now aware that the aversion to throwing away "dead" pens was just my way of waiting to find this instructional and fix those previously lost bic medium rounds i love so much!

sr1sws (author)2008-10-06

Fountain pens rock! Everyone should be using them.

muyo19 (author)sr1sws2008-10-06

Yes. They are super pens!

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