How To: Fix a Mechanical Pencil




Introduction: How To: Fix a Mechanical Pencil

Have you ever been stuck in class with a mechanical pencil failure? Well no more! I will teach you how to fix them. And all you need is a hole puncher!

Step 1: Supplies

So first you are going to need your broken pencil (duh) and a pair of holepunchers.

Step 2: Cut It

Insert the end of your broken pencil into the holepuncher hole. Clamp down on it with the holepunchers and it should cut right off. Done! Wasnt that easy.



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Broken in what way?  I have a couple of nice pencils that break their own lead, so that they are really worthless to write with.  Will this correct that problem?

You could try it, but im  not sure. This is more for when the tip of the pencil is smashed on a textbook and no lead comes out