How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade





Introduction: How to Fold a Bandsaw Blade


This is what we're going for: a neat, tidily folded, easy to store bandsaw blade.

Step 1: Wrist Position

Begin by holding the blade with your wrists down and away from your body.

Step 2: Toe Position

Put one toe on the blade to hold it in place while the magic happens.

Step 3: Get Low.

Get low: make the blade an oval.

Step 4: Start Folding

Bring your wrists (and the sides of the blade) towards each other: you're folding the oval in half now, like a taco facing away from you.

Step 5: Cross Those Hands.

Cross your hands & the two halves of the blade over each other.

Step 6: Let the Blade Do the Coiling!

The sides will want to coil up now; all you're doing is helping them along.  Stack them on the loop you were holding with your toe!



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    Easy when you know how, I now know how.

    Thank you.... Was fighting with my spare blade until I found this guide!!

    I always forget how I did it last time, so it was good to find a straightforward technique that works. Hope I can remember next time.

    Hah nice, that actually worked :) Thanks for the great instructable!

    Every year I have a fight with the band saw blade, so now every year ill come back here, before i start.

    Perfect instructible. Now I know how to fold a blade!

    i just tried three other tutorials before i found this one. always had trouble. this crossed hands technique is fantastic! thank you!!!

    Awesome. We just destroyed one of these in the shop at HQ.

    Simple and useful, I like it!