How to Fold a Japanese Paper Ball (Kusudama)





Introduction: How to Fold a Japanese Paper Ball (Kusudama)

Learn how to fold a beautiful Japanese paper ball (Kusudama). Paper balls make excellent decorations or Christmas tree ornaments.



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This can also be done out of paper shreds

Im having issues with the end of it. I have tucked... and folded in every possible way and it doesn't look anything like the end of the video. I did find a way to end up with four yellow visble sections and 4 white alternating... but they don't look like a petal as it does in the video. can anyone explain in detail whats going on in the end of the video.... I really wanna make one of these.

How would i fire retard this?

i made one as a mid term project, very relaxing =) but for some reason mine took around 46, dunno why.. anyhoo i gave it to my nan for her bithday and she hung it up with thin string, so if the light shines on it, it looks like its just floating =)

I like the look of this, and would like to try it, but am I the only one who does not get the final third of the video?  It just gets to the unfold bit and then cuts out.

 hhaha i made one... hahah.. i get my nerve freak out. hahhaha but i made it hahahahahaha

These can be extremely beautiful and longer lasting if you make them out of fabric. Just starch the fabric first before folding