A Brief History:
We humans need to sleep. Early on someone figured out that grass and straw were more comfortable than the ground. Thus the bed. Then around 3400 BC the Egyptian Pharaohs had their beds moved off the ground and slept on raised surfaces. This worked well for a while. Moving forward to the Roman Empire, mattresses were stuffed with wool, feather, reeds or hay for comfort. The bed frames were decorated with paint, bronze, silver, jewels and gold. During the Renaissance people started covering their mattresses with silks, velvets or satin material. Since then humanity has struggled to find the perfect way of folding these "bedsheets" in a neat and tidy way. The wait is over!

This Instructable will show you how to fold any Bedsheet set into a "Bedsheet Bundle".

Step 1: Folding 101

An Overview:
To fold your fitted sheet, see this Instructable; How To Fold A Fitted Sheet by lancmaltby.
Go and gather your sheet set(s) and get ready to fold like a pro!

Supplies Needed
1) Pillowcase
2) Sheet (Fitted or Flat)
3) Duvet/Blanket Cover

Additional Pillowcases, Shams, Bed-skirt, etc.
*Pretty much anything that you consider to be a part of this "set"
A surface to fold on (a bed works really well)

NOTE: Some steps have multiple images/illustrations. Remember to view them all.
<p>Great idea. my bed is usually multicoloured and mismatched with covers of different sets .This idea of collective storage makes life very easy . </p>
Thank you and you're welcome!
<p>Dude, THANK YOU!! I remember so many misc. sheets, pillow cases, etc. scattered all over the closet at my mother's house and I had no idea how to prevent my linen closet (okay, two long Rubbermaid containers under the bed) from looking like that. My husband looked at the first bundle and was like, &quot;Where's the sheets?&quot; He was surprised it all fit into such a small package.</p>
Glad to help! Thank you for letting me know.
this is great! I love this idea! especially the last part where you flip the flap over to make a tight, neat bundle. I have so many sheets and quilt covers in the linen press from my 5 kids, over the years I have acquired all sizes from single thru to queen sized ... everything. using this system I will be able to fold up just what we need now (we dont even have a double bed!!) and move the rest on and out. thankyou so much for showing me the way to declutter my closet and have it looking really neat xx
<p>Thank You!</p>
I wanna try it!!!!!!!!!!
OMG! this is the first thing I've read on this website and I'm in love!! I've been trying to get rid of the clutter in my linen closet for months! Thanks a ton :)
that's a high compliment!<br>thanks
Great now i can keep my sheets/ pillow cases and blanket covers together!
This is awesome!! I now have an excuse to buy more bed sets since I can now store them easily with this Instructable! :D
This is a pretty freakin awesome way to fold things. :D<br><br>Also, I love the caption &quot;where the magic happens&quot;. Nice humorous writing, very entertaining!
Thank you kindly. I hope this makes life easier so that we can all enjoy the (more) important stuff. Like sleeping. Or quilting.<br><br>Thanks to all the previous comments BTW. I enjoyed it too.
Great Instructable! Love the humorous writing...
This will do wonders to tidy up my linen closet - it's always a pain finding the two pillowcases for a sheet set. Thanks!
Very entertaining and well-written ible ... lots of good creative thinking. (applause) <br> <br>Having survived into my 60s, I've come to agree with whoever it was that said that life is too short to spend any of it folding the likes of underwear. I can easily lump sheets into that category. I usually just stuff the whole wrinkled mess into pillow case and read a few more instructables. They flatten right out when I stretch them onto the mattress.
Super GREAT and AWESOME!!!!!!!!! You did a great job! I love it!
This is why I love this site. Tons of cool stuff, great community and some sparckles of true genius. <br> <br>You, Sir, be awesome, thank you for sharing :)
&quot;Sheets are the new socks.&quot; Good to know. They're still a bit big for my feet, though...<br><br>Very nice.
<a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Fold-A-Fitted-Sheet/">Thought I'd help a little...for step 2:<br> <br> https://www.instructables.com/id/How-To-Fold-A-Fitted-Sheet/<br> <br> No charge for this service! </a><br>
Thank you! Done.

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