Making this little cute box is a very useful way to organize clutters on your desk! Easy and simple! You can even use colored paper to make it look even cuter!

Step 1: Divide Each Side of Your Paper Into 5 Sections

Use a square paper, and divide it into 5 sections.

My paper is 20x20 cm, so I mark the edge of the paper every 4cm on each side.

Formula: (Length of square paper / 4) = Length of each section

<p>It is fine home work for children. Craft workers may use <br>small <a href="http://www.printingpressmachineries.com/autoprint-repetto.html" rel="nofollow">paper creasing machines</a> for accurate folding.</p>
<p>made it its great used it for my closepin-springs and string</p>

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