Picture of How To Fold a Paper Flower
Materials Needed:
A square piece of paper (size and color your choice)
A flat, hard surface

General Instructions:
When making each fold be sure to press hard so that your flower comes out looking clean and pressed. 

Step 1: Diagonoal Folds

Picture of Diagonoal Folds
1. Lay your square paper flat and bring the bottom left corner up to the top right corner. Crease along the diagonal fold. 
chunt8 made it!1 year ago

I have had an account for a long time and made very few projects as i either lacked the equipment or skills this being one of the few things i've made it is one of the best and easiest i really thank you for this :D

This is so pretty! And the steps are really clear, too. Thank you!
dlavrinovic4 years ago
Awesome, I made this for my mom on mothers day.
davidsona4 years ago
I love it! It's basically a fortune teller, but turned into a flower. My 5th grade class loves it too!