Step 1: Find a Follower

I chose my good friend the cubiks

Step 2: Find Who They Follow

Click "following" to find yourself

Step 3: Follow Yourself

Just click follow! This is a neat loophole that results in many laughs.
Matt lol
No prob!
Thanks for using me as an example Brad :)
Oh yea!<br/> my name is in this
There's this weirdo fallowing me named balloon1424 or something like that
Ha ha
if you are old-skool like me and stil using antiquated devices like a desktop with a full Webbrowser, you can go to your member (https://www.instructables.com/member/YOUR_USERNAME_HERE/) page and click &quot;follow&quot; on yourself. <br> <br>But im an old fart, so unless you are on my lawn, you are free to ignore me :-) <br>
21 including myself XD
Me 6
How many followers do you have?
No I already did it was annoying because I kept getting emails whenever I posted
Lol! Will you follow yourself now?
a? Typo
Ha that's funny we both posted new instructible a : )

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Bio: I am an ancient cybertronian who loves to build stuff and destroy Autobots. Fear me. Followers: 50- captain camo 100- Hyperlinks1
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