Introduction: How to Fondle a Nose

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you'll need:
- a pair of hands
- a fondle stare

Step 1: Choice of 3

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Now, choose your top 3 noses and pick one of them, this is a very crucial point in the process of the fondle.

Step 2: Research

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As the title would suggest, do a little research! It's never bad to now your "To-Be-fondled"-"object".

Step 3: Let the Fondling Commence!

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Now you have chosen and researched it all, it's time for the fondling to commence!
Fondle with true feeling and meaning of the word.

Step 4: Emotional Response 1

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If you fondle a part of someone instead of an object, you may come to realize that this person might or might-not be offended or feel violated. It is important to know the 2 basic emotional responses to fondling.

Response number 1:


maybe he/she, likes to be fondled but didn't knew it until know. You made that happen, and the fondling can continue.

(in the next step we will discuss the second response.

Step 5: Emotional Response 2

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The second emotional response :


The person might truly feel offended or violated, following in what probably will be life-imprissonment in a box filled with North-American stink bugs. and he or she himself/herself will poke you with pointed sticks till death or other illustrious actions.

Step 6: Congratulations and Salutations!

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You are now a profound fondler of the nose!
Try it out :
- in your local record store
- in your neighbors house
- in your own house
- on the bus
- at school
- in the auditorium where you have "web and interactive design"

and many more impossibly fun places.


canida (author)2011-03-17

Step 2.5: request permission to commence nose-fondling. ;)

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