This instruction will show you how to Fool a fingerprint security system as easy as ABC. IBM never want you to know about,. it works for most of the fingerprint security system too. For example: eg. door, mobile phone....

This instruction come with video:

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Step 1: Use These 3 Points

The scanner used in this hack stores only there special points of the user's fingerprint

Step 2: Tools

Here are what you will need: Digital camera, wood-glue, super-glue, skin friendly-glue and a bottle cap,

Step 3: Find a Real Fingerprint

Now we need the real fingerprint we found it on a bottle, put a few drop super-glue into the cap

Step 4: Vapors Recation

The vapors react with the grease and make the fingerprint visible

Step 5: Make a Copy

make sure the copy match to the original size

Step 6: Print It Out

use a laser printer to print in onto a foil slide, sweep some wood-glue on it and use it as the dummy later

Step 7: Cut It Out

wait it dry and cut it out

Step 8: Take It Out

remove the dry glue carefully

Step 9: Ready to Use

Dummy, ready to use

Step 10: Test It Now

Test it

Step 11: Successed


Step 12: Security Was Compromised

Security was compromised, now logged into my windows.
<p>I MADE IT</p>
What!!!?!!!??? the video "has been removed from metacafe" wondering if you can bring it back up or what!!???! hurry up I need to go rob some peoples houses this weekend, and I could definitely use this :) also they did this on mythbuster to see if they could fool a safe.
<p>That is why it is better to put your video on YouTube, they usually will not remove one if not a copyright violation</p>
A biometrics reader that is practically impossible to hack ......PalmSecure Reader ...... airobotics9[at]gmail.com
thats why they usualy hava a security cam facing the machine
some fingerprint scanners can be fooled by just printing the print on a piece off paper lick it and then press it on the glass with your own finger, even some high security ones can be fooled like this
With some fingerprint security systems, if the person whose print you need used the fingerprint security system last, you can just breath on it like you would if you were cleaning your glasses and then press down with a piece of wax paper or something like that.
When spoofing a finger print security system just remember that after someone uses it to gain access they leave something behind.... A finger print. People don't usually wipe their print off the glass after they use it. Just lift the finger print using a plastic sheet (comic book/magazine covers work well). Expose the print using chemicals (super glue method works) and reapply to the scanner with tan or dull colored clay behind it.
cool! mythbusters is an awesome show, good thing you brought it to here. mythbusters do a lot of cool things, that would be cool if they were a member for this site..
Yeah sure it will be, if they didn't say all the times : Give us a break don't try this a home. But it's cool that people who know how to make the tricks we see in mythbuster show us how to do it, well... at home! Nice Instructable!
What they really are saying it"Give us a brake, Don't Sue us, We warned you now."
IS- Not It XD
Yeah some of the stuff on mythbusters is safe to do at home. For example, the fingerprint episode, the one where they flip the buttered and unbuttered toast, the episode where they try to walk on water with wooden shoes, and the diet coke and mentos one.
Mythbusters did not show the whole thing on TV not that it is not safe but so that crooks and other bad guys would not get the idea. Its a bit dangerous to let the whole world know about things like this.
Yeah right.... Information was meant to be free.
mmmm diet coke and mentos, drink one and eat some mentos be4 a test, put your cheat-sheet in the bathroom and believe me, the M-C preparation will make you asplode indside and you will have real signs of having to go to the bathroom. Tehen you cheat and flush the cheats so nobody else sees them again. I could make an instructable on that!
Or you could study...
Studying's too boring. I'm better off looking at por-... I mean Instructables projects. *runs away*
i much rather prefer option 2
anybody there who's got a software for reading fingerprints?
yeah they did do this on mythbusters!!!!!!
the "ABC's" keep getting harder...
more like zyx
<h2>Great job!</h2>Do you think you might be able to figure out an eye scanner for security?<br/>
just dont use superglue to get a print of your iris. :)
"Ouch my finger is stuck to my eyeball!"
LOL. OP, yes and no. Iris scanning, which takes a look at the outside of your eye and compares it with the database, has been blown right out the water. A high-res photo, an inkjet printer and a few seconds work lets you beat them, even the ones that look for a pulse. Retina scanning, which shines a light into your eye and compares what it sees with the database, is till secure, mostly because the scanners are so invasive that you'll never get a retina scan without the person working it out, unless you pretend to be their optician! Of course, you could set up a fake eyeball somehow, but it's a lot harder, plus there tends to be a guard monitoring the scanner. As ever, as with all biometrics, positive auth is all well and good, but the lack of repudiation ruins it. Someone steals your iris print and abuses it - how do you stop it? You can't just reset the password - you only have two eyes. Or only one eye. Or, indeed, what do you do for the blind born without eyes? UK law to prevent discrimination means you'll need another system.
Thanks for posting this step by step I got tired of pausing tvo.
hahahahahahaha your video was removed
that cold
Well, I guess this is a pretty cool idea and looks like it might work, but to be completely honest, your explanation of how to do it sucked. It was like one line per step (not to mention bad grammar and spelling) and overall needs a much better presentation. The pics were pretty good though...
I agree
too bad the video has been removed -.- i wonder why ;). Maybey it's because its too good?
Super glue works great if you need to hide your prints on the spot.
this exact method was used on mythbusters
that episode is on right now! im gonna watch it
man your note book is seak i wont one man you hve finger prints detector thats so coool your pc rocks
most new laptops do ;vD
cool<sup></sup> nice work<br/>
does it have to be printed on foil? <br/>can you just use the printed foil for the scanner?<br/>pretty good instructable! this reminds me of the movie &quot;National Treasure&quot; =]<br/>thanks<br/>
How do you get someone else's fingerprint to use. You wouldn't need it if you used your own print.
You have to have something that will take the grease from the fingers onto a clean surface like a CD-case or just take a picture of the finger.
that finger picture would have to have VERY high resolution and how do you explain having to photograph someones finger?
I think you would have to blow up the picture a lot and fill in the dents and curves with a marker on paper or digitally trace it. That's how Mythbusters did it on that episode.
On discovery channel, Mythbusters, They did this but all they did is take a cd with the print on it, then they picked it up with a kit they got in the mail and then just copied it onto normal paper. He then licked it and pressed the paper against the print reader. It wasn't as complicated. I still think this is a cool Instructable. Good Job!
That was a capacitive reader - hence why it needed to be wet. This one needs to be swiped over the optical reader (linear camera)... Similar concept, but a photocopy I dont thin would work on this version.
so they are working off of different readers. Your saying the one your using is reading the depth of the ridges? thats why it wont work. I think that would be a better and safer fingerprint reader
As per Instructable...<br/><br/><strong>step 1 Use these 3 points</strong><br/>The scanner used in this hack stores only there special points of the user's fingerprint<br/>
oh, and great Instructable!

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