How to Free Up Your Hard Drive





Introduction: How to Free Up Your Hard Drive

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Step 1: Opening Disk Cleanup

First search disc cleanup on your computer, and open it up.

Step 2: Which Drive?

When the next screen pops up, select the drive you want to clean up then click ok.

Step 3: Scanning

Next it will scan unwanted files.

Step 4: Which Files?

Select which files you want to get rid of then click ok.

Step 5: System Files

You can clean up system files too, it will free up more disk space.

Step 6: Wait

Depending on how much space your cleaning up, it might take a while.

Step 7: Your Done!

Now you should have enough hard drive space to do what you want!



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    my thinkpad with 300gb HD is 98% full and I got 10gb a week ago using disc clean up tool, and 4gb last night, not much time left at that rate. I do not have windows 7pro discs to allow wipe and reinstall. the trash is empty, there are no photos, videos, or music to speak of. How can I see what is hogging all the HD and how to delete it? Look forward to a reply.

    I plan to do this monthly

    It's normally like 1.5 GB but I just did it like an hour before that