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Freeze a lock off with compressed air cans used for computer dusting. Watch the lock crack in half.
Watch the video for an overview.

Step 1: Supplies

the supplies you'll need

- 1 standard padlock

-2 cans of compressed air
the kind used to blow the dust out of you computer

-1 hammer
<p>Come on that lock looks like it came out of a crackerjack box. Seriously. I have snapped cheap master locks with a mini spring bolt cutter. But a decent lock gl. I was just curious because I have a storage unit with a decent 10.00 lock lost the keys and was hoping that would work for a decent lock. My bolt cutters couldn't do it and before I pay 65 bucks for the storage to take a metal saw to it I was hoping for a real solution that won't get me in trouble.</p>
<p>wouls a deodrant do the job???</p><p>i was making compressed air bombs once and i used deodrant and my hands were FREEZİNG off</p>
<p>wouls a deodrant do the job???</p><p>i was making compressed air bombs once and i used deodrant and my hands were FREEZİNG off</p>
Does anyone know if this would work if instead of using a hammer, you simply put a blow torch to it immediately? I think that it would crack but I'm not sure.
Use a rock to hit the frozen lock, because it is small and easy to carry.
<p>dont look at it being easy to carry..... its dirt cheap and you can find it anywhere!!!!</p>
A rock? Isn't there a waiting period for those now? <br>(You might have to carry the rock concealed, and that means you have to register your rock!)
wont it melt to fast for you to strike effectively.
true but you will have to deal with the poisonous air that comes from spraying it upside down.
Perfect for getting into news paper machines and getting the change to buy more compressed air. xD
so u can be=reak into more machines right
cant you just hit it with a bigger hammer <br>instead of this -=o <br> | <br>use thid o=o <br> | <br> | <br> <br>SLEDGEHAMMERS!!!!!
You broke the lock in half after removing it from the tool box? But this scene is cut? Am I paying too much attention?
Macgyver! Oh yeah!
I really hope this works! My non-custodial parent rammed my car in traffic, then chased me out of it and stole it. He has it chained up at his house, and for some reason the police won't help me, Hopefully I can freeze the lock and get my car back!
-67 Fahrenheit = pwned
I would just do a barrel roll by pressing Z
Epic winage.
also make sure its on a secure latch if you wanna break someone else's lock, you wouldnt want to waste time and some spray when eventually the whole thing comes down with the lock, woukld you? :P<br />
the bomb squad uses this idea for detonating bombs they also use water jets too. But no BOOM! when they freese the bomb :(
I cant believe that ,that is compressed air<sub></sub> and with 1 screwdriver an 1 hammer i have &quot;opened &quot; locks with 1 (one, Blow)--so i cant see the point unless someone uses liquid nitrogen.............................<br/>
They dont just use compressed air, it is&nbsp;co2&nbsp;which makes it the temp that is is the can of air is just like a co2 fire extinguisher but correct me if im wrong
mythbusters is testing this tonite and they said the lock has to be frozen for like 5 mins so this is better<br />
Why wouldnt you just cut down the place where the padlock is on with metal scissors? or just get a key and open it nicely (im sure they dont make much of different keys for these padlock :D) but well its for educational purposes only so yea its kinda nice 5\5
Na, this looks much more fun. I seriously doubt that any key will do. Metal scissors? You mean...they make scissors out of stuff....other than metal?!? I want a pair of cardboard scissors! Then I can lop off paper locks and demolish Japanese houses and give people third degree paper cuts.
also it is very more quiet than using power tools
cause this is way faster and requires smaller and easily accessible materials.
nice saw the idea on call of duty 4 second from last mission got me thinking if you could actually do it. cheers good post
Jeez dude, you must've gave that lock more whacks than Lizzie Borden's parents received -- combined. Poor lock, how could you! It just wanted to help you keep your tools safe and you beat it to death!
lol i have no idea wat u said or who is lizzie borden but that just sounded funny as hell
A psychotic red-head who off'd her parents. There's a Rhyme regarding her --<br/><br/> Lizzie Borden took an axe<br/> And gave her mother forty whacks.<br/> And when she saw what she had done<br/> She gave her father forty-one.<br/><br/><ul class="curly"><li>Taken from wikipedia article. For more information -- <a rel="nofollow" href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lizzie_Borden">http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lizzie_Borden</a></li></ul>
Who HASN'T heard of her? Besides him....
Her stepmother suffered 18 or 19 blows, her father 11.
aw man that sucks to be her guardian after her parents but it still was pretty funny how it was used
i think u shouldve just skipped the whole freezing part, just smash the lock open with a hammer!
-thumbs up- YEA!!!
I saw this on Burn Notice on USA Network. Good show.
The bpt for 1,1,1,TCE is -47C, not -67C, and that temperature wouldn't be maintained for more than a few moments after cooling. What temperature does steel become brittle below, anyway?
Very much depends on the steel. Cheap and crap steel, as seen in this padlock, will probably not be much below -30 C. A good Boron steel maintains strength well enough even down at -173 C, where the air itself becomes liquid. Bit pointless on a padlock this rubbish. It would be easier to shim it, or pick it. And a good whack with that hammer would have taken it off anyway!
but thats not fun...well,not AS fun.
You could try chewing through the padlock, as over several months the steel would rust away. Though that's not fun either... What's my point? I don't know. But chewing through it would be less fake than this Instructable. (Is there a name for a faked Instructable? An Unstructable? CONstructable?)
you should do the chewing one. include how it boosts your iron in your body, too. i think its a constructable.
WAIT- if you spell constructable, you get construct-able, which isn't really what you want.
I love this website but you guys suck at flaming. go to rotteneggs.com and learn how to properly flame.
Hang on, you're criticising us for being bad at making other people's online life unpleasant? How twisted are those values?

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