Step 4: Printing the Music

Click File>New>Blank Score. Now name it do what ever you want put a copyright if you must. When you are done right click the staff then click paste. Now click file print and print your music.

This is the basics of getting music with noteworthy once you become more skilled your songs will get more better.
not compatibal with mac(awsome)
How about 'Finale'?
Isnt the evaluation copy only a 30 day trial or can you use it for longer than that somehow<br />
is Sibelius 5 fine?
why don't you type in the song you want in google and the insturment and go to images. ex: Super Mario sheet music I typed this in and got the whoe complete song!!
oops didnt mean to delete that
How do you put in those 16th rest or whatever there called? (the rest you have in the pic above by on the top right corner on the box you opened. It's right above the word 'enter'....
well.. it's kind of to the right of the word enter.
oops. not a 16th rest. I meant an 8th rest.
Noteworthy is the lowest you can get in terms of music notation software. I cannot think of any honest reason to recommend it unless you are the publisher of such a software. And by the way, if you want real free sheet music, look for ABCs collections, and there are lots of really freeware software that will let you turn them into scores.
well its free and simple i dont know much about others so this is what i use ****This is not the only way to get free music****
I've used Noteworthy Composer for a couple years. It will print a staff for every instrument. For pianos, yes, it prints whatever came in the MIDI file with the key, tempo, and clef intact. Or you can change all that and the music itself. As I recall the free version prints the words, "Noteworthy Composer" as if they were lyrics...unless you've found a way around that. If the MIDI file is not in the key you want, you can change keys, too.
does this also print out a bass line? I play piano and unless I have a bass line it's going to sound pretty simple...
some times there is a bass line but you will have to copy and paste it onto your new score
Great instructable! i just used it and works great thanks a lot!
Not only Noteworty do this. All or almost all music editors can print the score.
i know but alot of them cost money and this is the only one i know how to use

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