Picture of How To Germinate Lilies
Sorry, some of the photos aren't mine because I started this process last year and

didn't know I'd be doing an Instructable. The photos are only to aid in the


Lilies are perennials that grow from a bulb. But you can force a lily to grow a

seed pod filled with up to 100 seeds you can plant and have a whole bed of

beautiful lilies. It's really not a difficult thing to accomplish. So let's help

out the bees and start pollinating!

First, you need to know the anatomy of a lily. You can see all the reproductive

parts of the flower in the picture. The main parts you need to recognize for this

is the anthers which hold the pollen, and the stigma which is where you're going

to put the pollen.
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Step 1: Tools

Picture of Tools
Asiatic Lily_jpg.jpg
You need to start off with 2 healthy lilies like the ones shown below. They should

already be established and disease free. Also a pair of regular old tweezers, a

butter knife or similar, a pencil, a 1" square of tin foil, some vermiculite (can

be purchased at Home Depot, Lowes, Garden Center, Walmart etc.) and a plastic zip

lock bag.

Step 2: Decide Who's Who

Decide which flower is going to be the mommy and which is the daddy. You will use

the pollen from the anthers on the daddy to pollenate the stigma of the mommy.

Hopefully it will catch and you will grow a seed pod!

Step 3: Pollination

Picture of Pollination
Very carefully with a pair of tweezers, pull an anther off of the dad flower.

Scrape off some of the pollen onto the stigma. The stigma should have some sticky

clear nectar coming out of it to help the pollen stick.
Goce862 months ago
Great introduction!!!
leftwood21 year ago

The diagram of Lilium floral parts is almost correct. Exceptions are:

  • --- in Lilium, the six "petals" (collectively called tepals) are actually three petals and three sepals. The diagram shows two petals and one sepal.

  • --- no Lilium has sepals (or any other botanical structure) that immediately subtend the receptacle.

I love this! Very helpful. The first photo with the parts of the flowers is really great. I am always trying to look up this kind of info on things that I plant.
jtp139 (author) 5 years ago
Ok, I got the pictures in. This is my first Instructable, so I hope it's clear and you guys like it! Good luck in your lily growing! I might also be doing another instructable in this contest so be on the look out. Pleas vote for me if you like it! Thanks for looking.
grt57 jtp1395 years ago
jtp... I got it... I liked it... thanks for sharing.
lemonie jtp1395 years ago
You really need your own pictures, can you borrow a camera? L
jtp139 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
well the process takes a year, i didn't realize a year ago that I'd be making an instructable.
lemonie jtp1395 years ago
Ah yes, but is there nothing to photograph of this/these? L
jtp139 (author)  lemonie5 years ago
the only picture I can take right now are of my lilies which are growing but haven't bloomed yet. They are a early to mid summer bloom. If I did take pictures it would not add any assistance to this instructable.
lemonie jtp1395 years ago
It would be good to drop one into step 7, as it would show your plants, rather than some picture which was easy to pick up from Google images and almost certainly isn't of lilies sprouting.