Step 2: Work the School

Picture of Work the School
Now in my case I had to go through a little in order to get the computer. You have to really push for it without being to pushy. Email the secratary first or just the general school email, they'll probably forward you to the computer tech guy or someone like that, this is the person you really want to impress. I was told the school had no spare computers that our old Mac lab was gone an no computers remained.
After a little sweet talk I got him to say they had an old PC, but we'd had to work out a deal that he couldnt give it away for free.

After replying I stated that, I had an old Pc and that i really wanted to mess around with an old Mac, and I thanked him for his time, and left it at that. He then emailed my back and say he had an old Emac he'd give away to me for free because he took the ram out.

That was fine by me I have some extra RAM lying around so I took it. So I just picked it up and I had a free computer, it wasnt new but it was free.

I like this instructable. You put to good use something that otherwise would have been wasted. Polite, and ingenious! Well done!