Step 2: Work the School

Now in my case I had to go through a little in order to get the computer. You have to really push for it without being to pushy. Email the secratary first or just the general school email, they'll probably forward you to the computer tech guy or someone like that, this is the person you really want to impress. I was told the school had no spare computers that our old Mac lab was gone an no computers remained.
After a little sweet talk I got him to say they had an old PC, but we'd had to work out a deal that he couldnt give it away for free.

After replying I stated that, I had an old Pc and that i really wanted to mess around with an old Mac, and I thanked him for his time, and left it at that. He then emailed my back and say he had an old Emac he'd give away to me for free because he took the ram out.

That was fine by me I have some extra RAM lying around so I took it. So I just picked it up and I had a free computer, it wasnt new but it was free.


Hey, this is a great instructable and is very informative. Just one thing is missing... pictures! It really helps a lot when trying to follow directions so you should consider taking some photographs. Once you do that and leave me a message when you have so that we can publish your work. Thanks! Thanks for the cool instructable and we hope to publish this soon!
<p>I like this instructable. You put to good use something that otherwise would have been wasted. Polite, and ingenious! Well done!</p>
<p>It works holy mother of god thanks</p>
<p>I need a laptop to learn more</p>
Forgot to say this in last comment but I just contacted the vice principal who manages the junk room, she was really nice.
I've got 3 eMacs back from my school and 2 were broken. One worked so that was put into use as a wifi server. I also got 2 iMac G3 and one what I believe is an iMac G5 (judging by the base)
Last year i got two malfunctioning computers from the school (Dell GX280) <br>The RAM of the first was burned and the PSU of the other was blown so i traded some parts between them and got one funtional pc at the end.
I'm home schooled!!!... :(....any one can get one for me :]????
Try a second-hand store. I seen a computer with 256mb RAM,10g hard drive, Windows XP, mouse, keyboard, and monitor for under $50 at a place, and it was guaranteed to work. :D<br />
Same problem but I went to a public school up untill 5th grade
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hi little genius that was really cool.i wish i had a rich school like the one you posted the thing to. the sorry state is im in afrika that means disaster. schools do not easily give away things like that. i wish you could do the same thing for me. i would be very grateful. if anything u can mail me intechz@yahoo.com i hope i can count on you
when postin an email address, format it like intechz (at) yahoo (dot) com. Crawlers will not be able to pick it up.
not very smart of u to post your email right here for anyone to read >.< im not going to do anything, but anyone could, they could stalk u, get u really ALOT of spam, and alot more (virusses if ur really unlucky)
After reading this, I went to my school today and they IT guy gave me 23 computers! 22 of them worked and 1 was just an empty case. I had to go home and get my old truck to get them home. He said that if he had anymore they were mine!
what kind of computers?
A bunch of old pc's from a 300Mhz Pentium 2 to a 2Ghz Pentium 4. And from a K6/K6-2 to an Athlon. I think that there might even be an old Cyrix processor in there somewhere as well. He had built all of them for the school.
i dont belive you
Yeah, he did. My school is replacing every computer 7 years old or older. I'm scheduled to go there again tomorrow to get another 5.
hm, try taking out the CRT and replacing it with an LCD. the reason is: the crt probably isnt turning on because of a fried board (forget whats its called.) With an LCD monitor you can bypass the fried board :D
That is actually very difficult if your computers CRT is built in, because the won't have the connector inside the computer, so unless you know what wire goes to which pin, I don't suggest it.
not in the iMac G3 tray loader, its a standard Mac VGA connector, but im not sure on the eMacs, and i know its been done on both, and for the power you would just wire the plug from the monitor to the socket on the back :3
Lol, Yeah, the older ones might, but I don't really see the need for the internal VGA connector, because unless there were people that were willing to pull it apart to put in a new monitor, it would just be wasting money and space (that's why you won't see a VGA connector inside the newer <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.apple.com/imac/">iMac's</a><br/><br/>Wait, are you saying there is a VGA connector <em>inside</em> the actual shell of the iMac G3?<br/>
Did it really work????
yep it did you just cant sound like your trying to get a free computer just to get another computer you need it to sound liek it for education
My school has a program to recycle their outdated computers. This summer I'm getting an 17" Imac G5 from them, since they just got about a hundred of the new imacs.
i have a g3 running lepoard for $80 Woot
G3? Leopard? uh, how?
I think its lepoard?I'm a pc person
lol, the max on a G3 is Tiger (10.4) but most only go to Panther (10.3)
im jealous, our school only has 1 iMac G3/400 because a teacher brought it D:
damn lucky! teh only schools i went to where poor with 10 year old macs, except for my current school, where everybody is rich and teh IT tech guy sorta hates me
Yeah,They don't like you when they know you know how to bypass their silly systems. Especially if you cause them problems,or you actually bypass it for real.
pls can u help me technochicken i will forever be grateful if u help me anyway i will be using it for inventing i promise 2 send u my inventions if u do me this favour africa is cool but when it comes 2 things like this forgive me but it sucks

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