Picture of How To Get A Good Village In Clash Of Clans
Have u ever wondered how to get an EPIC village in clash of clans?? Well u came to the right instructable!!!!!!! This tells u how to get good money / elixer so just watch,try,win!!! Feel free to leave comments, favorite!!!!
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Step 1: Defense

Picture of Defense
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13, 12:12 AM.jpg
A good defense is a happy defense!!!!!! Try upgrading your defenses more than anything!!!!!!! Good defenses ****************** Wizard towers Archer towers Mortars Air defense

Step 2: Collectors

Picture of Collectors
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13, 12:12 AM.jpg
Ok once u have your defense your set to upgrade your Gold mines and elixir drills!!! Upgrade them the highest u possibly can! The more upgraded the more and faster u get from it!!!!! Highest level to upgrade - L 11

Step 3: Attack

Picture of Attack
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It's the time you've all been waiting for the attack part! After u get enough elixir and gold then start upgrading people with the lab! Also upgrade your barracks the highest u can do it! BEST Attack characters **************************** P.E.E.K.A Giants Healers Wizards Dragons Goblins Air ballon

Step 4: Potions

Picture of Potions
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Ok once you got the hang of attacking buy a spell factory! Upgrade it to the highest u can afford!! Use them in battle near the people!!! MY favorite potion that I have ********************************** Healing Lightning

Step 5: Clans

Picture of Clans
Create a clan!!! Invite friends!!!! HAVE FUN!

Step 6: Hope U Liked

I hope u all really liked this is would be nice if u fav it!!!!!! Or like!!!