FREE books! FREE movies! FREE music! FREE classes and events! FREE knowledge!

Where? At your local Public Library of course.

Plenty of resources are available if you just walk-in, but in order to take stuff home or use all their online materials you'll need your own Library Card. Just follow these few easy steps.

To do this Instructable you will need:

-Proof of Address (if your I.D. does not show your San Francisco address)

Using your Public Library is an item on the Neighbors Project Checklist.

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Step 1: Find Your Library

Check in with the Main Library (100 Larkin Street at Grove, (415) 557-4400) to find your neighborhood branch or go online to get all 27 branch addresses, phone numbers and hours.

You might even be able to spot yours by simply walking around your neighborhood. Just follow those smart and happy looking people who are gushing about how, "It's like going into a candy shop where all the candy is free."

Also: each neighborhood's library has its own flavor. For example, the Eureka Valley branch has a large section of LGBTQ books and movies, and DVDs galore of the L Word and Queer as Folk. So shop around for a branch that works with your taste.
&quot;FREE books! FREE movies! FREE music! FREE classes and events! FREE knowledge!<br /> <br /> Where?&quot;<br /> <br /> The Internet!<br />
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Having fun, isn't hard, when you've got a library card! I'm in college now, but I still can't forget that stupid Arthur song.
I remember that song!
I don't think you actually have to live in San Francisco, either. Just California will do. Almost all California public libraries are reciprocal! And SF libraries subscribe to many AWESOME databases! -librarian a bit further south
those cards are boss
AAAAAAWWWWWWW i want to live in san francisco :(
I'm jealous! I wish I had a pretty library card. Ours just lists the locations of all the libraries in my county.
Not trying to be mean, but is how you get a lib card in SF different from anywhere else in the States? (What you've described is the same here, as far as how to get a card, which is what you've titled this 'ible...)
They're not your movies! They belong to <em>everyone.</em> Be a good neighbor and return your DVDs in a timely manner so that everyone can see it. Anyhow, after a week or two they start charging you $1 a day for those DVDs and you can't just keep renewing them online over and over again like you can with books.<br/><br/>As for which SF public library branches have the best DVD selection... that's a carefully guarded secret.<br/>
Great job! One amazing thing about the library here is that there are no late fees. If you don't bring it back you can't get more. My libraryt also gives away free magazines (to keep)

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