Step 1: Stretching

Go into a lunge and hold it for 1 minute

Step 2:

Do this ^^ up there^^ for 1-2 mins.

Step 3:

Do split but with one foot tucked in if that makes sense. Hold for 2-3 minutes

Step 4: Sliding

Grab two books that are slippery on the floor.

Step 5:

Start sliding as low as you can go

Step 6: For Advanced

Over split: grab a stool or anything and put your foot on it and go into your split (I fell in the last one lol)
but one thing your knee is suppose to be under not sideways :-)
This is a great tutorial
boys are capable of doing the splits, they just have to work towards it just like girls
I used do do splits when I was in karate but my mom took me out so it has been a while since I have done a spit but thanks to you I can do them again
There should be a warning for this Instructable, "For Females ONLY"!
Is this a challenge?
I'm a dude and did ballet for 6 years (I was new to the country and &quot;gender norms&quot; were a foreign concept...). So no, not entirely... <br> <br>Then, I got lazy, discovered video games, and turned into a couch potato... These days, this hurts just looking at it.
Holy crap. I'd break if I tried that. You're something else, YL. I wish I was as limber as a pipe cleaner :-)
Damn lol.

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Bio: Just an average 14 year old Canadian sports lover artsy contortionist who loves peanutbuttter
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