How to Get a Lower Split





Introduction: How to Get a Lower Split

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Step 1: Stretching

Go into a lunge and hold it for 1 minute

Step 2:

Do this ^^ up there^^ for 1-2 mins.

Step 3:

Do split but with one foot tucked in if that makes sense. Hold for 2-3 minutes

Step 4: Sliding

Grab two books that are slippery on the floor.

Step 5:

Start sliding as low as you can go

Step 6: For Advanced

Over split: grab a stool or anything and put your foot on it and go into your split (I fell in the last one lol)



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    but one thing your knee is suppose to be under not sideways :-)

    boys are capable of doing the splits, they just have to work towards it just like girls

    I used do do splits when I was in karate but my mom took me out so it has been a while since I have done a spit but thanks to you I can do them again

    There should be a warning for this Instructable, "For Females ONLY"!

    2 replies

    I'm a dude and did ballet for 6 years (I was new to the country and "gender norms" were a foreign concept...). So no, not entirely...

    Then, I got lazy, discovered video games, and turned into a couch potato... These days, this hurts just looking at it.

    Holy crap. I'd break if I tried that. You're something else, YL. I wish I was as limber as a pipe cleaner :-)