How to Get a US ITunes Account


Introduction: How to Get a US ITunes Account

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Shows you how to get a US iTunes Account from another country. Also can be used to get UK iTunes Accounts, or others.



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    This stuff is always changing. The best way is to just get a prepaid card that works with itunes or other streaming services. There are a few ways including gift cards. I recommend using a service like which will let people outside the US get a visa that works with itunes.

    Or - find a friend in the US to lend you their credit card and you can pay them back!

    Yea, sorry it only works for free stuff. You cannot add a payment option... Geekazoid PS: Good for the UK app iPint, or the US app Skype...

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    YOU CAN just buy credit and redeem

    It works lomost ny body can do this its a loop hole in iTunes

    helllo i am azeem from pakistan i want to a itune id without credit card please do for me i realy than full to you i am try to make itune id for 1 years but i lose our hope now i see this website so please make a itune id please please please God bless you and your family please do hurry
    my email id..
    i waiting your email and please make id for me please

     I should work. I'd try again... if not, try upgrading to iTunes 9.
    Tell me if it still doesn't work,
    Hope it helps,


    seriously its not working and i tried everything you did and it still doesnt show.

    What if you want to buy things with the US account though, like apps and stuff? Wouldn't they suss you, if you use the same paypal account or something?