Step 1:

Step 2: Peel Outer Housing Off

with pliars grab and edge and roll the pliars-like opening a spam can

Step 3: New Step

Step 4: Remove Plastic Wraping Around Batteries

cut in flowering Peel off


@artlife AAAA are used in small devices such as LED penlight, computer stylus, glucose meter, small headphone amplifiers, etc. The cells contained in the alkaline nine-volt battery are often unmarked so check polarity (+/-) before using. AAAA batteries are not commonly used in most consumer electronics and can be a challenge to find if there is an urgent need for a AAAA replacement. The cost for AAAA batteries can be considerably more than a more common alkaline nine-volt battery. <br/><br/>Battery nomenclature<br/>http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battery_nomenclature<br/><br/>Thank you for the instruct able. This is a wonderful reminder for obtaining AAAA batteries.
<p>Hey, nice tutorial !</p><p>You should add that the reference must be &quot;6LR61&quot;</p><p>In fact, LR61 is the reference for AAAA batteries, so in a &quot;6LR61&quot; battery there is 6 &quot;LR61&quot; aka AAAA batteries.</p>
<p>IKEA 9 volt do not contain AAAA batteries</p>
<p>But Harbor Freight #92408 batteries do.</p>
<p>You just saved someone's life. Thanks.</p>
<p>You just saved someone's life. Thanks.</p>
<p>You just saved someone's life. Thanks.</p>
<p>Just bought a Duracell battery, took it to pieces as per instructions and found the batteries were flat-packed so I have wasted a battery and &euro;4.50 for nothing. How can you tell the internals before opening the casing?</p>
<p>Yes, I think there is. On the 9V I opened, the ones with the text &quot;6F22&quot; or &quot;6LF22&quot; (Duracell) or &quot;6F22X&quot; had flat-packed batteries. The one with &quot;6LR61&quot; (a german brand product) had 6 AAAA-batteries. Somewhere near the 9V indication, there is an indication about the &quot;6LF22&quot; or &quot;6LR61&quot;. Good luck!</p>
<p>I had a couple of Energizer &quot;Industrial&quot; 9v batteries - both had &quot;6LR61&quot; printed on the front or side, and they had 6 AAAAs inside. Once opened, nothing was soldered, so they just came right out! As noted elsewhere, polarity is reversed. However, they're a little bit shorter than conventional AAAAs, but I solved the problem easily by inserting a folded wedge of aluminum foil between the batteries.</p>
<p>i confirm this also works with Harbour Freight thunderbolt magnum 9v alkline batteries. Easy to open plastic casing. 6 4a batteries shrink wrapped separately. Spot welded together.</p>
<p>Super cool. I have the Stylus Streamlight that is my daily carry. I have been using them for years and like it so much I always keep a spare. I only find the AAAA batteries at Radio Shack which are disappearing and Fry's. $3/ pair. 2 packs so I have to buy 3. [I thought 2pak was dead. ;p ]</p><p>This is amazing that I just happened to run across it. I just bought a 1/2 gross of 9 v batteries for our field testers at an auction for $35. ex date 2018 Rayovac MAX alkaline, usually around $3ea. SCORE instructables!</p>
<p>I just opened the Duracell 9vcd battery. True enough, 6 soldered together AAAA batteries at 1.5vdc ea. One very important factor for using them though, the voltage is reversed. The positive side is the one with the flat side, the negative side has the crimp and the little bump. A couple of issues to point out. First, you just have to put them in backwards. The bump in the top seems to be smaller than a standard AAAA battery and you may need to make a slight modification to make sure it makes connection. The flat side of the normal AAAA battery would be connecting a spring usually. It may not make a decent connection. Depeding on the application, you may need to make small modifications. I will definitely stick to Duracell from now on. LOL.</p>
<p>Thank you so much. your tip on polarity saved me</p>
Very good advice! Thank you. I got my stylus back to business and didn't have to mail order and wait for some expensive batteries. I left the connecting solders on the plus side of the battery, so it will fit the stylus perfectly. Thank you again.<br><br>Now I need to find a replacement battery for the firealarm...
<p>great tip, polarity is reverse and had to modify my stream light to make contact with negative side. one nine volt battery is cheaper than 6 AAAA's and easier to find. If you peel the cover on the crimp side of battery it is easier as well.</p>
<p>I have a wireless remote control for my hearing aides that uses AAAA batts. The cheapest I've found 'em is $10 and I've had to wait for them to come in the mail. This is Awesome!! also, good to know that duracell is the best batt to disassemble.</p>
<p>Thank you</p>
<p>Nice write up just a note for those trying this at home - Rayovac 9V batteries (and possibly others) don't use the AAAA batteries as shown. They have some sort of square type ones that stack on each other. So, use Duracells if you want this to work.</p>
<p>Thanks, I needed some for a streamlight stylus</p>
<p>Registered just so I could comment on this:</p><p>A little warning here: this does not work for ALL 9V battery types. Generic brands and Eveready (Everedy brand, not Energizer) use 6 stacked flat-cells. I haven't been able to check Energizer, so I'm not sure what those ones use. It could also vary in Duracell (and other brands) depending on the battery line (ie: standard, ultra, etc)</p>
Solder some wires to the top of the battery for a cheap 9v connecter for projects.
Is it alright if I make an 'ible out of this idea?
heck yeah, go ahead.
I just found an Instructable with this exact idea: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-9-volt-Battery-adapter/ <br> <br>I hadn't made one yet because I don't have any dead 9v batteries. Glad I didn't because double Instructables are annoying.
build something that runs off 9v and include the idea with the instructable.
Nah it's fine. I just thought i'd make an Instructable on it to share the trick with other people. But sense somebody already shared the idea, I don't have to! However, I did just publish two new Instructables.
And another one, haha. <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Free-Nine-Volt-Battery-Clips-And-Small-Enclosures/
Thanks :) I'll shoot you a link when it is published.
Good idea! Great way to get some extra usage out of dead 9v batteries.
Nice but, what do you use AAAA batteries for?
I have a tablet PC that needs a AAAA battery to power its stylus

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