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Hi guys today I'm going to show you how to get an unlimided run in the world famous game Temple Run!

Step 1: Options > Tutorial

Picture of Options > Tutorial
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In the main menu, go to options and set the tutorial to on.
wow it worked, very surprised, no coins though, and only lasts till 50000 points
Drake Jefferson (author)  MohawkMarine1 year ago
Thanks for trying
Drake Jefferson (author) 2 years ago
Is your phone jailbroken?
ckerr52 years ago
Yea just tried it too. It's kinda cool cause it basically gives you a new game with lightning and gives you the cheat achievement. Afterwards it takes the tutorial mode off.
Just one other note, you have to swipe twice in the opposite direction. Otherwise it won't work.
holidayv2 years ago
no longer unlimited. I did this, and after about 30 seconds, it threw up a corner and when I when over it, it said "The Glitch, tried to cheat "