Step 6: The result

The victim's computer will boot as normal until they have logged on.  After they log on, it will freeze on the "welcome" for a few minutes, then it will display a black screen.  I'm not sure if this is the same on every Windows system, but no matter what, the system will not boot.
I can just imagine all those frustrated Windows users come April 1st (oh, and those who fall victim to your prank too). hehehe ;)
Yep! I think it may have been a mistake for them to post that April Fools contest... But it sure is fun! ;)<br><br>(I wish I could actually post what I did to thegeekkid here... It was really fun and made him regret pranking me. If you read his ible you will probably notice that one of the first things he mentions is not to do this to someone who knows a few things about computers.... I wonder why.........) :)<br><br>I should really post an apple prank seeing as how I hate apple so much, but then I would actually have to get my hands on an apple I could actually break... If I can, that may be next! ;)
hehe... (you can stay away from my produce thank you very much). ;)<br><br>(BTW, you're now showing up under &quot;recent&quot;).
:)<br><br>I guess the almighty admins got back from break... ;)

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