Introduction: How to Like Reading and Spelling

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Step 1: Choose a Book Category

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Do you always dread going to Vocabulary,Spelling and reading class.I don't because I enjoy it.Y'all probably think I'm a nerd,but I like it because I'm good at it and you will to.I really like reading because I read books that appeal to me and since I see words a lot that makes me good at spelling and reading.I really like scary and supernatural books I could read them all day.If you want to be good at reading and spelling choose a book category that interests you there's Romance,Science fiction,horror,fiction,Christian fiction,biography ,Autobiographys, and nature it won't make you perfect at reading and spelling,we all make mistakes. School doesn't get any easier.

Step 2: Read

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Read a lot of books that you like and you'll get better at reading and spelling.My favorite book series is called the "Spooky Series" by S.E. Schlosser.


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