Picture of How To Get Capes In Minecraft
This mod will not only let you get a cape but let you see other peoples capes and anyone who has this mod will see your cape it only works on minecraft PC

Step 1: Forge

Picture of Forge
To make this easy you should download and install the latest version of forge (if you haven't already) you can get it at files.minecraftforge.net. I suggest getting the installer for the version it is. Then start minecraft you may have to reenter your username and password and make sure the profile is "forge"
Thank you SO much cos. I'm becoming a utuber soon so I kinda need a cape :P
kdbarnes (author) 1 year ago
Never mind I edited it
kdbarnes (author) 1 year ago
I'm sorry I forgot to mention that is for minecraft computer only this will not work on PE or xbox