Yeah, Its EASY!

Step 1: Find a Wall

Just Find A Wall

Step 2: Place a Sign

Just Place Your Sign!

Step 3: Start Typing

Follow The Pictures, The When You Get To The Page With The Numbers, Hold Down The & Button So You Get §

Step 4: Type What You Want

<p>COOL!!!???</p><p>I just now learned this!</p><p>All my friends have been doing this and I've been like,uh....</p><p>So thank you!</p>
<p>how do i use this on PC?</p>
<p>i don't get it</p>
Nice instructable!
<p>ikr its easy ok i knew how to do it wach MCPE mike he knows.</p>
Yeah, The Weird Sign Is What Allows You To Use The Colours.<br>Each Number Has A Colour, So Try Experimenting To Find Your Favourite!
<p>THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!!! are there any other colours? do you have to actually type the {weird sign} &quot;?&quot; ?</p><p>anyone can answer.</p>
&sect;1 So helped! thanks!
This is awesome
<p>wow!this has really helped.no sarcasm used</p>

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