Introduction: How to Get Cute Boys to Notice You(in Good Ways)

You're trying to find the perfect attractive boyfriend,but you just can't seem to find one.But,alas I shall help you.I will be your guide to attract the perfect love life.

Step 1: Find an Attractive But Descent Boy

Nothing inappropriate,a drug addicted alcoholic or Slenderman.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself

Walk up to the boy & say hi!When you smile,he might get attracted.Also,get to know each other.

Step 3: Wear Something That Shows Off But Expresses Yourself

Don't wear something skimpy or too loose.Wear something comfortable but attractive

Step 4: Wear Some Make-up,hair Accessories & Jewelry

Don't get overboard on these items,but if you like,add a little bit of shine to yourself.

Step 5: Be Yourself

Don't act like something else.Be youtiful!


Boom!H3adshot (author)2013-04-12

Bro Coyz I be so proud of you bro. So glad you finally got an account here and made this.

picturesofsilver (author)2015-08-21

Beautiful little tutorial :) so true too!

x~Snowstar~x (author)2013-04-16

Aww,thank youuuu. :3


No prob, bro. lol I LOVED the rant you posted on my "How to rant epicly on the internet" instructable

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