How to Get Different Skin Toned Emojis in IOS 8.3



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Introduction: How to Get Different Skin Toned Emojis in IOS 8.3

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Step 1: Tap and Hold on a Human Face or Body Part

First you want to go into your default emojis keyboard on your iPhone and then hold on a human face emoji or a body part emojis (Like an arm) and select the skin tone.

Step 2: Make It Defauly

To make the emoji a default skin tone, you simply keep the last skin tone you chose. For example I chose number 3 last. Next time I use it, it's default will be 3. The picture shows a good example of this.

Step 3: Use It for Anything!

Now I can really express myself! Remember update to iOS 8.3 before trying this or it will not work! See you next instructable and don't forget to follow me and leave a like and comment!



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