Nobody gets famous over night.Even if you have an awesome viral video,it could take up to a week.A lot of hard work goes into becoming a YouTube star,and this guide will hopefully help you.

Step 1: Make Quality Videos

Depending on how high you really want to go depends on how much money,time and effort goes into making YouTube videos.The more you put into your videos the more likely views.

Step 2: What Videos Are YOU Going to Make?

Are you going to be the next PewDiePie,or the next Smosh?What makes you so different or better than them?This is the hardest part of starting out on YouTube.

Step 3: What Video Editing Programs Do You Own?

Sony Vegas Pro is a REALLY good Video editor.Although,an experienced Windows Movie Maker user could easily do the same.As long as your video looks good to you is all that matters. If you're unsure,ask a friend if your editing looks good,or maybe even a random stranger.

Step 4: How Will You Spread the Word?

Do you use Facebook,Twitter, or Tumblr?You can easily put yourself out there for your friends and total strangers on social media networks. NEVER ADVERTISE IN YOUTUBE COMMENT SECTIONS.

Step 5: Get on It!

If you have the supplies,which hopefully you do, you can successfully get views on YouTube.If you liked this instructables,check out my channel, YouTube.com/user/NioDuck and then leave your channel name in the comments,or message me it :)
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Bio: Hey,Im Jonathan and Im 14.I love to build and play airsoft.I play Bari Sax,and I absolutely love doing so.
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