An Easy Way To Get Many AA Batteries That Are Practically New For Free!
An Added Bonus Is That There Are Small Chances To Get AAA Batteries!

Step 1: Tools Needed

Almost No Tools Needed!
All You Need Is:
1. A Flat Head Screwdriver
2. A Phillips Head Screwdriver

First walmart I went to gave one camera and funny looks, the second one invited me to th back handed me a tool and told me i could do whatever i wanted with the mountain of camera they had, I gutted enought to fill my pockets, and a shopping bag and left!
I work in a walgreens photo lab.&nbsp; In our lab we actually take all (or most) of the batteries out of the cameras to use in our passport camera.&nbsp; So be warned that you may get home with a bag full of useless nothing. :)&nbsp;&nbsp; Also, the batteries are the cheapest batteries ever made and most don't last long at all.&nbsp; But, like you say, they are free so why not.<br />
I tried this I got shocked bad
Could use some photos of what to do & where on the cameras.
I have updated this instructable and hope it helps you out!
Still no photos & still no way to really know what the green & black rectangles are supposed to be... :(
Careful about the capacitor. It could shock you. ZzzzZZzzzZZ-BooOOooM!

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