Picture of How To Get Free AA Batteries! (With Chances To Get AAA Batteries!)
An Easy Way To Get Many AA Batteries That Are Practically New For Free!
An Added Bonus Is That There Are Small Chances To Get AAA Batteries!

Step 1: Tools Needed

Picture of Tools Needed
Almost No Tools Needed!
All You Need Is:
1. A Flat Head Screwdriver
2. A Phillips Head Screwdriver

wbradford14 years ago
First walmart I went to gave one camera and funny looks, the second one invited me to th back handed me a tool and told me i could do whatever i wanted with the mountain of camera they had, I gutted enought to fill my pockets, and a shopping bag and left!
blombomb5 years ago
I work in a walgreens photo lab.  In our lab we actually take all (or most) of the batteries out of the cameras to use in our passport camera.  So be warned that you may get home with a bag full of useless nothing. :)   Also, the batteries are the cheapest batteries ever made and most don't last long at all.  But, like you say, they are free so why not.
I tried this I got shocked bad
Browncoat6 years ago
Could use some photos of what to do & where on the cameras.
Ideal_Ideas91 (author)  Browncoat6 years ago
I have updated this instructable and hope it helps you out!
Still no photos & still no way to really know what the green & black rectangles are supposed to be... :(
Colonel886 years ago
Careful about the capacitor. It could shock you. ZzzzZZzzzZZ-BooOOooM!