Picture of How To Get Free Music With Realplayer
How to get free music with Realplayer.
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Step 1: Tools

You will need:
1. An Internet Connection (duh)
2: Realplayer

Step 2: Dowload

Picture of Dowload
Download Realplayer

Step 3: Install

Picture of Install
Install realplayer untill you get to the real Realplayer page.

Step 4: Www.playlist.com

Picture of www.playlist.com
Go to playlist.com and search your music.

Step 5: Download

Picture of Download
Find the link that says visit site under your song.

Step 6: Copy url

Picture of Copy url
Find the url on that page (not in the address bar) and copy it to the address bar.

Step 7: Listen to song

Picture of Listen to song
Listen to the song for awhile to make sure it is the song you wanted. After you are sure, the "Download This Video" should appear in the upper righthand corner. Click it.

Step 8: Run

Run Realplayer the go to My Libraries, Dowlnloads and recordings, find song and your are done!!!!
benjgvps6 years ago
You do know... Without having to install the worst software of the decade, Just right click the link and hit "Save target as", You can then put it into any media player you want (VLC, iTunes, Songbird, Windows Media Player, ect).