How to Get Free Publicity When Somebody Steals Your Anvil





Introduction: How to Get Free Publicity When Somebody Steals Your Anvil

A long time ago, I dont remember when someone stole my beloved alaskan anvil from my tacoma home. This incident resulted in 2 newspaper articles in two newspapers (Juneau Empire, Tacoma News Tribune).

Step 1: Procure Ownership on an Antique Anvil

Step 2: Wait Until Somebody Steals Above Anvil.

Step 3: Read Newspaper Stories:

Step 4: Http://

Step 5: Http://

Step 6: Post Stories on Internet for People to Read.

Step 7: Excell in Your Wildest Dreams.



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The mind boggles at what motivation must be needed to steal an anvil... Some kind of Wile E. Coyote complex?

Anvils are expensive, a good one is not under 200 dollars generally. People probably would want them for scrap value alone they can weigh 100+ pounds. Its like, why do people steal ac unit components? For the copper. Peoples greed can inspire them to do anything.

It happens.In fact,it happened to me recently.Anvils are expensive and hard to come by.And some people are scumbags.Also,they're wortb money in scrap weight alone.

someone stole your anvil? How in the hell do you steal an anvil?

This sounds like a Balloon boy story, except with a big peice of metal instead of... well, a flying piece of metal!

Yep, the guy who stole it felt so guilty he gave it back to me in person (he's buried in the back yard now).

Did you ever get it back?

steps four (4) and five (5) are the actual newspaper articles.

FYI, I got the anvil back. I am truly blessed by the Virgin and Senior Jesus Christ.