In this instructable I will be telling you how to get rid of the infamous hiccups.

Step 1: Materials

Things you need:
A glass of water,

Step 2: Hiccups' Death

Breath in a big amount of air and hold it for 10 seconds. Let it go and drink 5 sips of water consecutively without breathing, then immediately after breath in a big breath and hold for 10 seconds. If this does not work, do it again until it does.
<p>Wait, I lost my hiccups...</p><p>No now I'm irreasponsible nuuuuuu</p>
<p>I oddly enough get the hiccups everytime I eat. Hopefully that doesn't mean I'm dying. </p>
<p>Maybe you should try using chloroform instead of water... It works so effieciently that you don't even remember how awesome it works! </p><p>Don't do that</p><p>...</p>
<p>No, No, you don't drink the water. this works every time, someone says I've got hicups, you then say Ive got a sure fire way to fix that, Ill get you a glass of water, you then go to hand it to them, but at the last second you throw the water in there face.</p>
<p>I have more than 2 friends that would &quot;accidentally&quot; throw the cup into my face as well...</p>
Apparently, there is only one recognised medical method for curing hiccups...<br><br>A digital anal massage<br>(if you're thinking &quot;isn't that a finger up yer bum?&quot; you're right)<br><br>I can't even remember how I got onto the topic with the Dr. I was having a jab...
<p>lol that must have been interesting...</p>
<p>In my experience, hiccups can be cured by anything that disrupts the cycle reflexive twitches, such as the strain of forcing a belch, or a sip of neat whisky.</p>

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