Introduction: How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies in Your Home

In this tutorial, I will show u how to get rid of those annoying fruit flies from your home


  • Apple Cider
  • Empty jar or bottle
  • 8 x 10' paper
  • Scissor
  • Scott tape

Step 1: Pour Apple Cider Into Empty Jar

Picture of Pour Apple Cider Into Empty Jar

If you don't have Apple Cider, can add a slice of ripe banana

Step 2: To Make a Cone

Picture of To Make a Cone

Draw circle around the jar

Draw triangle shape as show

Step 3: Cut Out Circle

Picture of Cut Out Circle

Also cut out triangle shape. It should look like this.

Tape cone

Step 4: Cut Bottom Hole

Picture of Cut Bottom Hole

This let the fruit flies go in but they can't get out

Step 5: Place Cone on Top of Jar

Picture of Place Cone on Top of Jar

Place jar in kitchen or area that have fruit flies

I hope this tutorial be helpful to you. :)

Step 6:


CharleneC29 (author)2017-06-25

Will apple juice work in place of apple cider?

gtoal (author)2016-07-07

I live in South Texas where you'll see drosophila appear out of nowhere if you let a banana get even a day beyond ripe :-) But they disappear as soon as the fruit is disposed of. If you have a chronic problem, it's unlikely to be fruit flies so an alcohol/sugar trap is unlikely to work. I have however found that small ants are very attracted to saucers of sugar and they are easy to eliminate with a spray of windex or similar once the saucer is full. Two or three days of this can get rid of an incursion quite effectively.

DianeT15 (author)2016-02-29

What have you got in your hat about what I am told are "Drain Flies". They are small and look like "Fruit Flies".


grannyjones (author)2015-10-29

My mother always started her baby plants in sterilized garden soil. Spread it out in a large baking pan, put it in the oven, bake it. You can do that to the store stuff, but why bother? Just bring the outside in, heat, and plant

Diesel7602 made it! (author)2015-10-27

thank you soooo much. all booger flies caught!!

tangotut made it! (author)2015-10-12

I have SEVEN of these things in my house. Does it catch Fruit Flies? Yes.

Does it rid my house of Fruit Flies? NO!!! They are EVERYWHERE!!!

Tigger32810 (author)tangotut2015-10-12

Are they fruit flies are do you have potted plants in your house? I have potted plants using Miracle Grow and now have little flies every where from the potting soil. I contacted Miracle Grow and they told me the flies are coming from the soil and to top all of my plant pots off with about 1/2 inch of sand. This keeps them from being able to get out of the soil and for those that did get out, they can't get back to the soil to lay eggs. It has nearly taken care of all of mine....I get little spots that the sand clears from when watering in the same spot over and flies come from there once in a while. We really did think they were fruit flies at first....then connected it to the soil.

Good luck with your problem.

tangotut (author)Tigger328102015-10-14

Flies grow out of potted plants? I suppose that could happen but what I have are FRUIT FLIES and I have never heard of them frequenting plants.

They lay eggs near an obvious food source. What food is there in soil? It makes better sense to pour bleach in the sink (as DickV suggested below.)

Do you have a link that connects fruit flies and potted plants?

Tigger32810 (author)tangotut2015-10-14

I thought mine were fruit flies. They look like fruit flies but they are actually coming from my newly potted plants. I did contact Miracle Grow and they are aware of the problem. That is how I got the rest of my information. I am sorry you have an infestation. I never had fruit flies stick around after getting rid of whatever fruit they came in on. I never got sarcastic but your remarks do sound that way. Please do as you see best. I wish you luck with it. I don't know what else to tell you. BTW.... bleach down the sink never helped when I had them. I just had to get rid of the fruit.

Also, if you have a septic system, bleach is probably not the best idea.

GLangeveld (author)tangotut2015-10-15

Fruit flies need wetness. Potted plants with wet soil are ideal for fruit flies.

At an office I worked at we often had fruit flies. After they stopped watering plants each day, the fruit flies disappeared.

Thank you for the suggestion about potted plants. Hopefully, this will keep them from spreading to other plants as well.

tangotut (author)2015-10-19

Blah, blah, blah. It does NOT "rid" the house of fruit flies. I am tired of this. Good bye.

lecator (author)2015-10-18

If the flies are coming up out of the sink, they're already there. The trap isn't bringing them into the house, it's attracting the flies *already* in your drain and trapping them.

They're called "drain flies" and you need to clean your drains to get rid of them. All the traps in the world won't help you as long as they're living comfortably in the gunk in your drains, eating and breeding. Same with Raid. It won't do any better than the traps in ridding yourself of them because most of the flies are probably in the drain trap.

This trap works fine. The problem is you misdiagnosed your problem.

Tigger32810 (author)2015-10-15

I too grew up with potted plants. Never had any flies coming from them. This is a recent problem with the largest producer of potting least on the eastern seaboard....and they ADMIT this issue. They have given me the impression that they have no plans to rectify the issue except to tell those with the problem to top their pots with sand. I first noticed this problem almost 3 yrs ago with a purchase of soil at that time. I went disposed of that bad and tried again a year later. Same problem.

If you have potted plants in your them with regular sand. This stopped the flies. I know they aren't fruit flies but they are similar enough that this is what I thought they were. Scott's says the same thing but said the real name of them.....I don't remember what they called them. Wish I still had the email they sent me so I could give it to you. Please consider this possibility and think about any houseplants you have. I only want to help you. I was extremely lost when it started here in my apartment. I love my Amaryllis and Christmas Cacti and have no plans to get rid of them. Sand is such a small cost.

If this does prove to be your problem then you have two choices. You can keep your soil covered with about 1/2 inch of sand or you can bake all of your soil before using it.....but that is a smelly process.

Good luck.

acheide (author)2015-10-14

They love banana!


ReverendN (author)2015-10-12

...if your using a plastic bottle, instead of making the paper "funnel", just cut the top off the plastic bottle at it widest section. Turn the top you just cut off upside down and insert it back into the remaining bottom half of the plastic bottle. Then staple, glue and/or tape the two half with the reversed top back together. This is also useful in scooping up StinkBugs!

mihgasper (author)2015-10-12

Thanks for this idea. We'll have winter here, so fruit flies are gone for some time, but in the summer this little project will definitely come handy!

pauloabreu (author)2015-10-12

Very clever!

butterflywisperz (author)2015-10-12

good idea

donnacollins1 (author)2015-10-12

I am definitely going to try this! I am constantly putting bleach in my drains can get costly after awhile. Thanks for sharing

vistamachine (author)2015-10-11

I followed your instructable and tried it. I used apple cider vinegar and a lump of banana because I had both. I also taped around the top edge of the cup to seal the gap there.

Result....amazing in just a few hours there are probably 20 little suckers trapped in there. I used a clear plastic cup so I could just chuck it when its time.

Thanks for posting this.

Thanks for the feedback..Glad it work out. :)

DickV (author)2015-10-11

The easy way to get rid of fruit flies is to put 1/2 cup of ordinary cheap bleach in each of your drain traps where they lay their eggs. This includes sink, shower, and tub drains. After using then put more bleach in them. We had a terrible infestation of fruit flies.

bjennings4 (author)2015-10-11

We actually just did something similar in our house. We used apple cider vinegar in a mason jar with Saran Wrap with a few small holes over the top. It worked really well.

rafununu (author)2015-10-11

Any fruit will fit. I even tried with melon peels !

Mindmapper1 (author)2015-10-11

how can the flies get in don't you need a small hole in the base of the cone?

rafununu (author)Mindmapper12015-10-11

Step 4: Cut bottom hole

Yes I did cut a small hole at base of cone. :)

piratemonkey (author)2015-10-10

Nice! Little tip - if you add a small amount of washing-up (dish washing) liquid to the vinegar, it will break the surface tension trapping the flies in the solution.

Thanks for the feedback! I really appreciated. :)

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