123D Circuits.io is a site where you can design circuits and PCBs in your browser for free.

This instructable will guide you through all the steps of creating and ordering a PCB.

Step 1: Getting Started: Creating an Account

First you have to create an account at https://123d.circuits.io You can also use Facebook or Twitter to log in.
<p>Is there any way to download .brd and .sch files form a project?</p>
<p>that was something i was looking for.</p>
<p>this is outdated and I can't find how to buy the schematic pcb's buy button anywhere</p>
<p>hi, does 123D offer auto-routing? Sorry if already mentioned, i cannot find this info here or on the 123D website.</p><p>thx!</p>
<p>There's no autorouting in PCB yet, the schematics are autorouted.</p>
<p>I have a milling machine. Is there anyway to get the g-code to make the board myself or is this software exclusively for making PCBs to be ordered from Autodesk - It's free !!! , but I'd like to know before I spend time learning it</p>
Hi Michael,<br><br>Thanks for asking! If you're on 123D.Circuits.io and you're looking at a circuit like this: http://123d.circuits.io/circuits/293994-td-schematic-2#pcb<br><br>You'll see a button on the right side that says &quot;Download Gerbers&quot;.<br><br>Gerbers are the files that describe the many layers of a printed circuit board (PCB). We zip them up into one file for you and you can find many PCBs that are ready to mill, or design your own.<br><br>To mill the PCB you need software that reads gerbers and outputs G-Code or directly drives the mill. We have actually done this at work, we use software called &quot;Other Plan&quot; that you can get here: https://othermachine.co/company/blog/introducing-otherplan-duet/ <br><br>It works with our &quot;Other Mill&quot;. If you have a different mill like a Shapeoko you can search around to see if people are using it's software to mill PCBs.
<p>That sounds great. I'll give it a go</p>
<p>is it possible to print the PCB to create a mask?</p>
<p>Should the ground plane be connected to ground in my circuit? </p>
<p>In the step with the copper trace rerouting the interface on the picture is different from the interface i get, and i don't have a routing tool. How do i reroute copper traces?</p>
<p>Hello. How can I add a text on the board? I want to label some parts.</p><p>Thank You</p>
<p>If you want to move a surface mount (SMT) part to the other side, you select it and press &quot;F&quot; on the keyboard. Took me a little while to find that in the FAQ.</p><p>Also, they said that if you're in the middle of a route and type &quot;L&quot; to change sides then a via is added automatically! Nice. </p><p>And + and - keys when routing make the trace width bigger/smaller I believe. I haven't tried that yet though.</p>
<p>Anyone else having problems with Silkscreen text changes not saving and auto-reverting to previous state upon exit of editor? </p><p>It keeps reverting back to version with &quot;start typing&quot; across left-hand header pin.</p><p>Thanks!</p>
that was something i was looking for. <br> <br> <br>Great tutorial. <br>Thank you for your time.
Great! Now I'll put my hands on my own PCB! <br>Thank you!

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