Picture of How To Get Siri on any iPad for free!
Do you always see those Siri commercials and think, I wish I could get that but not pay the hefty price for an iPhone 4s. Well now you can! This is a step-by-step on how to get Siri on any jailbroken iOS 5.1.x iPad! This instructable is not only easy to follow, I will also explain each step in detail. This will include the proxy server that makes Siri run.

I was inspired to make this instructable because...

- I always wanted to have Siri, but I didn't want an iPhone.
- I thought it was a neat feature that I got from cydia.
- I knew I could find a way to get Siri on my iPad.
- I wanted to challenge myself.

You should download this because...

-You will save money by not buying an iPhone.
-Works the same way as the real Siri.
-It will help you in your everyday life.

I hope you enjoy getting Siri on your iPad!

Please download files at you own risk.

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Step 1: Materials.

Picture of Materials.
- Jailbroken iPad (Gen. 1,2,3.)
- Cydia

Files that will be downloaded:
- Activator
- SBSettings

Repositories that will be downloaded:
- http://Cydia.iPhonetweak.fr/

Step 2: Adding Repository

Picture of Adding Repository
First, you should go into the Cydia app and go into Sources. Then, you press edit in the upper right hand corner. Now click add in the left hand corner. Now add the URL provided: http://Cydia.iPhonetweak.fr/
Before the downloading process occurs you will have an option to add the source anyway or cancel. Add the source anyway!

Step 3: First Install.

Picture of First Install.
You will want to install SBSettings by BigBoss. (This is an already added source.) This will also install Activator as an app. After install respring your device. After this go into SBSettings and make sure Show Icon is on, Disable window is on, Disable Toggle is off, and Separate List is on. To quickly toggle the settings options you can go into "Set Notification Toggles" and turn on the Widgets you would like to see in your Notification Center.
What if someone wants to remove this installation?
Captain Skully (author)  TheOlMaestro3 years ago
It is very possible to uninstall siri. Simply go into the installed section in cydia and scroll down to where it says Spite 3.0.1-1 for iPad and tap that. In this section, tap modify in the top right corner than tap remove. After this package is removed do this same process to Spite 3.0 iPad GUI.
Thanks for the instruction, Cap. I'll be Removing her soon....
Captain Skully (author)  TheOlMaestro2 years ago
No problem. Just a quick question..... Why do you want to remove it?
I was getting a lot of "cannot respond"msgs from her...got better ove weekend. I may keep her :)
Captain Skully (author)  TheOlMaestro2 years ago
The "can't respond" messages aren't because of Siri itself. It is because of the proxy server. It is either the proxy is overloaded or the proxy is down.

If the proxy your using doesn't work, than try to use mine. This instructable here has one and I have a whole other instructable on a working proxy!

Hope this helps!