Tv apps is a built in feature in directv, unfortunately it does not work in 90% of the places I have been watching directv. Usually you get a error 301, or, tv apps is still initializing try again later. This is how to fix it, at least on a belkin router. (Note... For some reason this only works for one tv.)

Step 1: Restart Your Receiver

First, Press MENU on your remote use the arrow keys to navigate to Settings and Help. go to... Settings, Reset, Restart receiver. And then do that.
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hey there, DTV tech here. it is generally not advised to force a software update arbitrarily as it can cause issues such as lost recordings. I have personally had this happen in the process of working on my own equipment. we are even told in training that we are not supposed to force software updates to a customers reciever because of this. the software is released on a specific rollout basis which is carefully scheduled by engineers. also, a software update is rarely if ever needed to address network connectivity issues. 99.999% of the time its a matter of adjusting network settings, and nothing else.
Awesome. I have DirecTV, but I don't understand when you say &quot;belkin router&quot;. I have two DirecTV Receivers L10 only. Maybe you refer to WiFi TV?

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