How to Get Two Free Slurpees From 7-11





Introduction: How to Get Two Free Slurpees From 7-11

We here at Stupid Inventions love our Slurpees!
Which is why we consider every July 11th to be a sacred holiday since 7-11's all across the country give out free 7.11 ounce Slurpees!

But 7.11 ounces isn't nearly enough Slurpee to give us our Brain Freeze Fix.
So we here at Stupid Inventions have come up with a way to get more than one Free Slurpee on 7/11.

Just follow these simple instructions and soon you will have more Slurpees than you'll know what to do with!

1. A participating 7-11.
2. The date to be 7/11
3. A clever disguise.

Created By: Zachary Snyder
Stupid Inventor

Step 1: : Enter Your Local 7-Eleven Store on July 11th.

The first Step is pretty simple, just go to your local 7-11 on 7/11.

Step 2: : Prepare Free Slurpee #1

Walk towards the Slurpee machine, get a free 7.11 ounce Slurpee cup, and fill it with the Slurpee flavor of your choice.
(Note: Don't forget the straw.)

Step 3: : Leave the Store and Drink Your Slurpee.

You have successfully gotten one Slurpee for free!
Drink the Slurpee.

Step 4: : Preparing Your Disguise

While still outside the 7-Eleven, change into a clever disguise to fool the workers into thinking you're some other person.

Step 5: : Enter the 7-Eleven Wearing Your Disguise.

Remember: It's important to act casual, pretend as if nothing is out of the ordinary and that you are just a totally different person here to buy a Slurpee.

Step 6: : Prepare Your Second Free Slurpee

Go to the Slurpee machines (it helps if you pretend that you don't know where they are) and get a new free 7.11 ounce Slurpee.

Step 7: : Leave the 7-Eleven Very Slowly

Leave the 7-11 very slowly and smoothly. Try to avoid eye contact with the employees.

Now you can drink and enjoy your second free Slurpee!

(You can even go for more free Slurpees if you bring more disguises, but i wouldn't recommend it as you see what happens in the next picture....)

Step 8: Warning!

Warning: When trying this at home, be careful when drinking all those Slurpees that you don't get a Brain Freeze.
I learned this the hard way, as you can see.

Thanks for reading!
Stupid Inventor



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    Oh, good, just stealing slurpees. I know its not a big deal, but really? Is it too much to ask for you to pay $1.29 for your honesty?

    couldn't you have gone to a different 7-11

    did the disguise work? it looked like you fooled them!

    lol it worked, but i dont think they really cared...

    why not just go to another 7 11. or wait till employees switch shifts

    lol, it seems every time I post another Stupid Inventions instructable someone has to ask "why?" ive tried to explain, but i guess the best answer really is "why not?" :)

    or you could tell them that if you visit enough 7 11's, the slurpee fairy will come and grant you one frozen-treat related wish :D

    Ya! Just go across the entire city and pay a visit to all of the 7 11s. That would be hilarious if someone actually did it!... If not kind of useless.... meh' either way, kudos 2 u. Great job.

    lol, i thought it would be funnier to use the ol "Groucho Glasses" approach... that would be funny, but i would be too lazy to go to every 7-11 just for 7.11 ounces...

    once you leave the 7.11 and re-enter you are considered a NEW customer. i know some people who do a lot of coupon shopping. one of the coupons they used once said "one per-customer " the clerk tried to stop them the second or third time they used it with in an hour, however the manager over ruled that because when you Leave the store you are Legally a New Customer. therefore this is not illegal and the disguise saves you from undue embarrassment (0) (0) > \____/