Picture of How To Get Your Drivers Permit
In this instruct able, I will carefully show you the steps to success in getting your drivers permit!
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Step 1: Materials!

Picture of Materials!
14, 1:56 AM.jpg
First off, you will need at least level 50 sneak skill, and level 36 speech. But if you don't have that, these items will help you:

A machine gun

A black ski mask

Step 2: Getting In The DMV

Step inside the dmv with your lunettes edition Micky Mouse strap sandals and get your gun ready. And make sure your mask is tightly secured! You don't want Tim Allen coming through and ripping it off with his Croc brand handy man gloves!

Step 3: Approaching The Clerk

Picture of Approaching The Clerk
Approach the clerk with brutal force, yelling intimidating words like "monkey seals", and "cottage cheese crocs".

Step 4: Getting Your Permit

Picture of Getting Your Permit
Yell at her to give you a permit, and throw whistles at her. If she doesn't obey, you're going to have to do something drastic

Step 5: Drive

And finally; start driving! You're ready to get behind the wheel and start running over windex bottles filled with Dawn Soap!