Step 5: Finding What You Want and Buying It

So you've spotted a few organs on Craigslist or whatever, now what? Remember the psychology of the seller. They are probably in denial about their organ (or husband, mother, grandad's etc...) being worthless junk. So you must wait them out. Even if it's something cool - maybe a Lowrey D325 which was a late 70's spinet with really good Arp Solina-style strings. Let them post it for their unrealistic price and let the price come down at least once.

Once the price has dropped, visit the seller if you like, be friendly, tell them what a nice organ it is but it's a lot more than you can pay. You can't tell them the truth (it's worthless), they will just get mad. Let them know they can contact you later if they change their mind on the price.

The idea here is to keep yourself in the sellers mind for when the finally give up and just want it gone. This way it's a win-win. You get the organ BEFORE it goes out in the carport or out on the driveway to get all dirty and they don't have to pay to have it taken to the dump.

You may also come across the pragmatic seller who knows right off that it's worthless and posts an ad "come get it before I throw it out". Those are fine too, but please, don't pay anything if there is something wrong with it.