How to Get a Gmail Account - a Free Email Account!


Introduction: How to Get a Gmail Account - a Free Email Account!

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This is an Instructable on how to get a free Gmail, email!

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p.s. I was a little bored when writing this, so don't start to steamed...

Step 1: Where to Go

To start off, open your internet browser. (I used Firefox - the best option)
Next, in the address bar, type in

Then, click the "Sign up for Gmail" button.

Now, head on to the next step...

Step 2: What to Do

Now, in the correct fields:
Put in you REAL name
Your desired email address - (e.x. -
And your password...

After, also in the correct fields:
Choose your security question and answer, (or make one up)
Your secondary email IF you have one (Not Required)
Choose your Location (Country)
And type in the word verification.

Finally, agree to the terms of service and click the "I accept, Create my account" button...

Step 3: Overview

Now that you have successfully created a Gmail account; you should be greeted by a welcome page similar to picture #1. You can look over it or skip directly to your inbox...

Already in your inbox, you should have 1 email - an email from the "Gmail Team."
It does contain some nifty info in it, so I would open it...

As soon as you reach your inbox , your email address is 100% activated!

Also, signing up for a Gmail account is just the same as creating a Google account, so with VERY little information you can QUICKLY sign up for: YouTube, Blogger, Google News, Picasa, and TONS of other stuff.



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    get msn or hotmail

    what? you mean i can go to a website that gives you a free email account....follow their instructions and get a free email account?!?!?! THAT'S CRAZY TALK! i wonder if these steps would work at hotmail or yahoo too?