A quick, easy tutorial on how to get an egg through a bottleneck and into a bottle--a classic, wow your friends science experiment. 

Bottom line, science is cool. It's got the wow factor of magic and the additional bonus in that it helps us explore the world around us. This experiment is no exception. Amaze your kids and friends. Then seize the opportunity to explain the magic behind it.  :D

Step 1: Things You'll Need

You'll need the following for this experiment:
  • Safety Glasses
  • Hard Boiled Eggs
  • Glass Jar or Bottle*
  • Matches

Optional Method 2 (step 7) additional ingredients:
  • Optional Method 2: Boiling Water
*NOTE: Before carrying out this experiment, you'll want to make sure you pick the right jar/bottle. Ideally, the opening of your jar/bottle should be larger than half of the diameter of the egg, and smaller than the diameter of the egg (so that it doesn't slip through!). If you're unsure, do a quick visual test by placing your hard boiled egg on top the opening.
<p>Pro tip: Do not try with a raw egg, lol.</p>
There goes my evening! Great ible and thumbs up for kid safety reminder ;)
<p>work great but there is a way without having too have those matchstick in with the egg . Yes the egg stay hole but it's a little more work!</p>
<p>I did this for a science experiment in 8th grade. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9lI0WeSIUs here is a video of it. ENJOY!</p>
<p>it can be done by putting the bottle in boiling hot water, empty out , then place egg on top and wait for it to cool and suck the egg in</p>
<p>But how do you get it OUT?</p>
<p>folks I'm a simi retired ole'fart (56) who loves simple humor , simple thought, nature, and anything that makes sense. This is a perfect example! At this point in my life, instructables is one of the BEST reads I come across in my daily activities </p>
How do you get it out? I'm thinking a bell jar and vaccum pump.
<p>Redhead matches... And yet they are green. SCIENCE!</p>
<p>this is really neat. I'll have to try this out this weekend.</p>
<p>This experiment is so old and popular.. They even put this on physics books. </p><p>And people are still copying this experiment :D</p>
I usually do this with normal eggs. haven't broken one yet!
I like it
<p>Nice instructable! And i love that &quot;pop&quot; sound in the video xD</p>
I've always loved this trick! Haha great 'Ible!
<p>You can also soak the egg in vinegar for a few day, it's gets so rubbery that it will go in the bottle without breaking.</p>
That's a fun experiment. I have unsuccessfully tried a third way to get the egg out by inverting the bottle and blowing into the mouth of the bottle before the egg has a chance to fill the opening. Difference in pressure is supposed to do the trick, but I almost always resort to method 2. Great job on the instructable!
<p>This is really neat, thanks for sharing!</p>

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