Step 6: Stopping, Turning and more

once you can go straight, practice stopping and getting on and off. this is the only time you will put weight onto the second bike - when you are stopped and getting on or off. as soon as you are moving you're riding like you did with one hand.

next practice turning. anytime the second bike seems to be getting off track, just lift up its front wheel for a moment and put it where it should be (a comfortable distance to your side)

when riding in the city, you'll also use the same lift-up-the-front-wheel trick when you are riding over potholes that might throw the second bike off track.

Now go have some fun!!

FrankL62 months ago
sjain601 year ago
I have been ghost riding since long as and when required....
I read your instructions are really good, actually they clearly described what all I had done when I had done it for the first time.
I would like to suggest you to add a problem faced while ghost riding that occur when there comes a bump. I is really a shaky condition which occur because there is no weight over the other bike
I have found that ghostriding is very risky, so I developed a technique for towing, and built a small fixture to do it with.
You should make an Instructable of your towing rig then ;)
rorme4 years ago
Try ghost-riding with two bikes, one on each side. I've done that before (years ago I went out mountain-biking with two friends, neither of which owned a bike, but I had 3 - I was into it....)
I'd advise you practice that away from other moving vehicles, but it can be done.
ablang4 years ago
Hah. Turns out I've been ghostriding long before I read this guide. Only time I've used done that is when I've found a spare bike abandoned somewhere.