Step 7: Painting

Time for painting! for the body of the controller i unfortunately couldnt use Krylon products because i needed to colour match the ones from the controller. I did use Krylon paint and clear coat on the buttons though. It was wanting to spray paint the buttons in the beginning since they are funny shapes and would be easier.

Once i had a few coats of the light grey on the controller i masked off a small portion and rolled on the dark grey. Then i masked off the rest of the controller and rolled on the black. When i peeled of the masking i was pretty stoked!

The box i put the light grey on the inside and the black on the outside. i didn't want to do the whole thing black cause that just didn't feel right :p but do what you like to yours if you decide to make one!!

Now that it was painted i needed to get the decals. i tried cutting them out myself but it just wasn't coming out how i wanted. so rather then take away from all the work i had done by using crappy decals i just went and got them professionally done.