How to Give Plastic Bags a Screw-On Lid


Introduction: How to Give Plastic Bags a Screw-On Lid

In this video I use an old Plastic Peanut Butter Jar to give my Bag of Rice a Screw-On Lid.

Many times (not so much now than there used to be) you get bulk food in a bag and there is no way to seal it back up so you grab a chip clip or role it up and then it dries out.  Or in the case of rice, it gets too moist and doesn't keep well. 

With this peanut butter jar, I was able to give the bag of rice a screw-on lid and make it easily accessible for scooping or pouring it out when needed.

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    This has actually been around a long time, but thanks for reminding me again :)

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    You bet! Thanks for stopping by and watching... :)

    That's a very cool idea. Thanks for sharing it!

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    You bet, thanks for reading/watching. :)