Picture of How To Gleek
In this instructable, I will show you how to do something called gleeking. Gleeking is when you squirt water or saliva from the glands under your tongue. If you give this some practice, you can gleek all over people and they won't even know!
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Step 1: How to Do It

Picture of How to Do It
Okay, the first thing you need to do is swallow all of the spit in your mouth. This is very important! Then you are going to place your tongue on the roof of your mouth softly and hold it there. Take in a deep breath up under your tongue. As soon as you are done breathing in, push up hard on the roof of your mouth. Saliva should come out.

Step 2: Helpful Tips

Picture of Helpful Tips
Tip 1: Don't get frustrated it took me almost a week to learn.
Tip 2: If you're having trouble, try to eat a piece of sour candy or lick some A1 steak sauce then try it.
Tip 3: Don't get caught spitting in people's faces if you don't want to get pounded.
Tip 4: Have fun and tell your friends it is magic!
LexiM1 month ago

I have never heard about this before.

zelda nerd4 years ago
it really helps if you yawn
Or just drink soda, it makes your saliva bubbles big.
MrWub1 year ago
It's actually very easy, all I had to do was touch the roof of my mouth
robertjames3 years ago
do you cover the roof of your mouth or just tuch it with your tung
I can't do it :(
kooool4 years ago
I used to always do this by accident and i was always emmbarassed, but then i though, heyy this is cool! so i sat in front of a mirrior for a week and figured it out. When i do it, though, my tounge is usualy fliped. the bottom of my tounge is usualy touching the roof of my mouth and my tounge is pointing towards the back.
AMP6784 years ago
it's called geezing where i'm from.
hammerhead5 years ago
I used to gleek people in the neck. When they turned around I flicked my fingers at them like my hands were wet. Never knew until now that it has a name to it.
my dad knew a guy that could do this
he called it gleeking my dad didnt know thats what it was realy called
neither did i till now thanks
d2j55 years ago
what if it doesnt work lol
pdub775 years ago
Had a friend in high school (10+ years ago) that could gleek about 5 feet. It was pretty wild. Geometry class was never the same.
GZNG5 years ago
i made another ible with a different method... check out
Hawkins56 (author)  GZNG5 years ago
Bardouv5 years ago
Wow, I used to do this all the time by accident. It's nice to know the proper form, though.
"If you give this some practice, you can gleek all over people and they won't even know!" haha, that just sounds so wrong
sageserver5 years ago
wow. This is cool, I always wanted to do this and i had like 5 drops of clean saliva on my computer screen, with the help of ur instructable. thanks. also, so people wont get to mad you can say that its clean saliva.