How to Glitch in Minecraft


Introduction: How to Glitch in Minecraft

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-item to glitch
-Minecraft PE
-iOS 7 update

Step 1: .

First put the weapons in the chest first before you put in the item.

Step 2: .

Take out the weapons first then the items.

Step 3: .

Exit screen and trash it. Then go back on minecraft.

Step 4: .

Then go back in the chest and you will find more of your items. !!!!!



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    my cosin showed me this trick to duplicate iron

    Ok iceman1229 but this one still works

    Well, actually there is a working one that I used with my friend and told one other person about it.

    No offence, but this is kinda cheap. Lots of people are posting instructables on how to cheat minecraft or glitch it, but half the time it doesn't even work and the other half it always is short lived.