Introduction: How to Go About Necromancy

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This instructable is only applicable to those who know what necromancy is and understand how to use but want act the slightly more stereotyped part as messing with people can be fun *hehehe* Be prepared for possible repercussions

Step 1: What to Wear?!

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Black is a must for necromancer Anything black will do Now we don't need to go so far as to look goth or emo unless you want to but just enough to give off an aura of "leave me alone"

Step 2: How to Act

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Keep to yourself and only a few of your closest friends the idea is to appear mysterious If others look at you just stare at them or because I get facial ticks a quick smirk followed by an eerie glare

Step 3: What to Do

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Have fun with this as its a basic guideline In other words if you want to wear hot pink go ahead though now your kinda defeating the point but okay what ever lol What I do is all but the start of step 2 and become social butterfly it really messes with people


Advar (author)2013-09-09

Betrayer! Traitor! Backstabbing Booger! Turn in your Dismembership Card NOW!!
Really though, this was cool, nice job. :)

SWiiiTCH (author)2013-05-26

.....or you could just watch Army of Darkness.

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