We all want to find that special someone. However, in order to find them, we must first start from ground zero and begin with a date. This can be a scary concept for some, but it is not as hard as it seems. Hopefully with these simple tips, you will master the art of dating!

Step 1: Obtaining a Date

Brian needs a date!
In order to go on a date, you must have a second party to accompany you.

1.) Firstly, make sure your potential date is single, and available to date. You will have no success asking out someone who is married or seeing someone else!

2.) Church is always a good place to pick up a date! If someone at church strikes your fancy, go for it!

3.) Class is another great way to find a date. Plus, talking about the class is a great conversation starter!

4.) Additional places to find a potential date could be the library, grocery store, the gym, or the park. These places where people are typically at ease, and most likely to act like themselves.

If at first you do not succeed, try again! After trying a few different options, you are bound to have someone agree to go on a date with you!
<p>Hello,</p><p>in my opinion, most important thing is to be natural and be yourself. Follow some rules or try to be someone you are not it may help in short term, but if you are looking for a long relationship, it is for sure not the best move.</p><p>So, just be yourself and let see whats happen, if it works, cool, if it doesn&acute;t, no problem, luckily, there are many single girls/boys on this planet, somebody will like the way you are, and not the person you pretend to be, im sure about it.</p><p>BTW, now I little offtopic, I&acute;m running a dating tips website since some months, if somebody is looking for tips and want to check it out, there is the url: <a href="http://www.amoramargo.com/en/" rel="nofollow">http://www.amoramargo.com/en/</a></p><p>Hope it helps! If somebody want to ask me something, contact me through the contact form :-)</p><p>Have a nice day!</p><p>Br</p><p>//OLIVER</p>
<p>1). never ever make a girl travel to the date location.</p><p>2). never ever take a girl/boy to any fast food place.</p><p>3). try to avoid taking a girl/boy to the movies, because you just sit there watching a screen, whereas at a restaurant you could make a conversation and get to know her a little more.</p><p>4). NEVER EVER EVER mention past dates with other people.</p>
Good job, helped me out a lot.
<em>2.) Do not go to McDonalds. This makes you look cheap. Just do not go there for a date. Ever. </em><br/><em></em><br/><br/>Just my opinion here. A date is to get to know someone, not to find out how much money they have. If the girl doesn't want to go to McD's, then she doesn't want a boyfriend, she just wants an ATM machine. Dump her.<br/><br/>A date should be impressed by your personality, not your wallet. <br/>
McDonald's can work. Certainly not for everyone, but there are situations when it can be pulled off. You'll need a perfect storm of your own great personality, your date's great personality, and a well-maintained franchise location. Find a cool assistant manager at your local fast food establishment and see if he or she will let you and your date kick it in a PlayPlace. To class it up a bit, bring a checkered tablecloth. Don't bring wine, as alcohol is a no-no. <br /><br />As a rule, it is probably not a great idea. Unless you can spend some quality time together in a ball pit, possibly during McRib season. Best case scenario: this is a fun story the two of you tell at the wedding. More likely scenario: this is a fun story she tells to the guy she dates after you.
I think the &quot;cheap&quot; factor is the least problem with taking a gal to McD's. It shows you expect her to eat that stuff they serve there, and make you look like some kinda nutritional dunce.
2.) Do not go to McDonalds. This makes you look cheap. Just do not go there for a date. Ever. "Just my opinion here. A date is to get to know someone, not to find out how much money they have. If the girl doesn't want to go to McD's, then she doesn't want a boyfriend, she just wants an ATM machine. Dump her. A date should be impressed by your personality, not your wallet. " Um, actually, when dating, the idea is to show off your ability to be a descent mate. In the case of males, part of being a descent mate is being a good provider, so yes, the wallet does and should play a role in impressing a girl, unless you live in a culture where you would be better off showing off your hunting/herding/farming skills. Women want a man to show that he is at least able to provide for himself, and at best, that he would be able to contribute to a household or family. How much money you make is often a good indicator of how hard you work, how ambitious you are and how educated you are. I don't look for a man who's rich, but I do look for a man who is in a productive, stable career field with room for advancement which he also enjoys. A man who takes me on a date to McDonalds would not exude those qualities. A date to McDonalds says "Hi! I'm a bum. I can't afford to take care of myself, let alone anyone else, and I don't care if I can or not. If you stick with me, and eventually marry me, please expect to support me, because I have no intention of pulling my own weight." Furthermore, a date to McDonalds tells me that he's got bad taste and probably isn't very healthy. If I were to stick with this guy, I could expect a poor, white trash existence and having to pay for a husbands funeral far sooner than any wife should, because I doubt this guy was responsible enough to have any kind of savings or life insurance plan. None of that speaks very highly of his personality.
That wasn't actually what chuckr44 meant; a date IS to get to know someone. chuckr44 meant that a date should be to get to know your date, and see if you have something in common, not that you have this and that much money. <br><br>
The point remains that being cheap on a date says horrible things about your personality. Saying your personality alone should be so dazzling that you should make zero effort to provide any other nicety to a date is as delusional as showing up to a job interview in your pajamas and expecting your &quot;qualifications&quot; to win you a job. Um, you can't even dress yourself, why should I even look at your qualifications? Well, the same goes for dating. If you can't afford anything more than ten bucks AND couldn't come up with anything in that price range better than McDonalds, you are a loser. Why should I bother getting to know you any better? I know all I need to know.<br>We have a problem in society where we're so obsessed with some romantic ideal of what love should be that we end up overlooking the practical. If you don't consider long term compatability and suitability for commitment in the early stages of dating, you are going to be wasting your time going on a lot of dates with losers. Long term commitment is about more than some fairy tale romantic spark, it's about who you are willing to share your resources with. It pays to be practical. Abusers and leeches are charming at first. Judging a person on charm alone is straight up stupid.<br>What really gets to me is a man will readily say &quot;a woman shouldn't judge me by my wallet, she should only look at my personality&quot; (as if his income and how he chooses to spend money in relation to it doesn't say anything about his personality) then turn around and judge a woman based on her looks, which in most cases she has far less control over than he has over his wallet. Besides, &quot;looking cheap&quot; is not the same thing as looking poor. Cheap means that you are thoughtless and miserly when it comes to how you spend your money, which you can be if you are rich, poor, or anywhere in between. When you make a move that looks cheap, you are telling your date that you are thoughtless and miserly. Don't spend more than you can afford or is reasonable, sure, but that doesn't mean you have to be cheap either.
I'm pretty sure it's a rule to go somewhere relaxed and comfortable. In a movie when a romantic scene is going on there is dimmed relatively brown light, soothing music, calm except for the people in it. Now compare that with McDonalds.<br><br>But yeah if you're going for the cheapest place to eat food out, just know all you'll be eating tonight is food.
Its not the money, its about class and how much effort you are putting out. Going to McDs shows no thought and no effort in trying to impress the girl. There are SO many other classy places you can go on a first date. Seriously, if you take your woman to a McDs on the first date, well 9 out of 10 times it will be the last date.
imagine this though, your on your date, it's going great, you get the last part of the meal, dessert, then, halfway through your date's parfait she pulls a long nappy hair out of her teeth... now, do you really want to go to McD's on your first date?
I see what you are saying. To be honest I have encountered hairs in my food at nicer family sit down restaurants more often than at a fast food joint. I guess it varies by town though. My point remains. Find a restaurant you both like. Price isn't supposed to matter, unless she wants to pay. The date is to get to know each other, not determine how rich the man is.
i actually find bikes romantic (and am a girl)
wr r u from
This actually made me laugh.<br><br>This and the spongebob themed button you have for an avatar.<br>Oh wel. (I don't like bikes as a manner of principle, even when you try hard you're not gonna go very fast. Which is kind of the point of transport. Oh well it's cheap and simple.)
I actually read the comments before this page (go figure) and I find the argument very culturally tainted. Love isn't tainted but cultural difference messes things up. <br>Pick her up in the way she likes to travel. Cars cannot be hated, there too good for that. The only thing against it is expense (and maybe pollution but it's negligible). <br>Walking is neat too, because it's simple and you were born with those legs. Also makes you look less fat.<br><br>Bicycles seem to have a weakling image in America, it makes some sense because Americans never learned to build cycling lanes or build things at convenient distances from each other. In other country's however, a bike can be fine too.<br><br>(silly Americans, always thinking there's only their culture)
I'm an avid cyclist and find that Americans have a very positive attitude toward bicyclists. Drivers here are much more considerate to cyclists than they are to other drivers. <br><br>&quot;Weakling image in America&quot;??? Think &quot;Lance Armstrong&quot;<br><br>
I see how a bike would be romantic but i feel for the same reason that the guy is picking her up it should be in a car because a bike could be really risky in the sense that it can be awkward or for instance when i go on dates i like wearing a dress and being on a bike with a dress can be a very uncomfortable situation, also if the date lasts until dark a bike wouldn't feel as safe as a car. I feel that by taking a bike it would be leaving a lot to chance and at least for the first date you should try to keep it on the safe side and go with the car.
yea but im pretty sure u dont want to sit on your dates handle bars or stand on the pegs all the way to where u r going right?
some bikes have a passenger seat, plus if I'm standing on the pegs, I don't have any other choice than to hold on to my date, right?
What if the girl talks about McDonald all the time??
Don't forget your harpoon when you meet her friends.
Better yet, pay a bro to distract them. That isn't illegal, (In the bro code, it's illegal if you promise him they will be fit (attractive, tappable, whatever you like) then they turn out spherical, and you knew they were).
Yea shes thin and incredibly hot...
excellent, everything in this was good. except starbucks. you know how much of a carpetbagger you look like if you go to starbucks for a date? it's a flawless chick repellent.
Local coffee shop&gt;Starbucks.<br>Or an actuall restaurant, i.e., Chinese or the local mexican restaurant (My town has two great ones)
Lol, thank you for this great instructable! It is very nice and easy steps to do, also i like the humor of you xD
This was a super cute instructable. Thanks for posting it :)
Cute! And very excellent information. This instructable should be required reading for every teenage boy.
im a teen age boy and i agree
wow, dating is sure different where you live:P
Another great place to go on a first date is corner bakery. And don't go overboard with the tip $11 is insane anything between 4 and 7 dollars is good.(I presume your not eating at a 4 star Italian restraint(i forgot how to spell that word))
Great 'ibe. Good photo's too. Nifty tips aswell. "Warning: Do not pick her up on a bicycle. It does not matter if two people can fit on it, a bike is silly. Do not pick her up with a bike." You actually have to tell people that?! lol -- it's more than likely you'd break her ankle if you came a cropper anyways -- not a great start! If one picks the girl up on anything with wheels, they must be able to see each other and/or hear each other at least!
And be comfortable.
Quite!<br/><br/>(I mean't to put <strong>ible</strong> not <em>ibe</em>. Just for the record.)<br/>
What happened between Step 2 and Step 3 that you went from being clean shaven to a scruffy mess?? good instructable though : )
Can we revise<br/>'don't go to McDonald's on a date'<br/>to<br/>'don't go to McDonald's ever'?<br/>=]<br/>
<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.mcspotlight.org/case/">Not going to McDeath is a great idea!</a><br/><br/>You will score some serious points by telling him/her that you like to support your local mom 'n pop shops. <br/><br/>
or fast food+date=bad outcome<br/>
You forgot to include in the date etiquette part something very important -- Don't stare at other girls.
Very Nice, Instructions were very complete. Hope this helps me on my date!
Really nice. I expected it to be a very kinky, trashy instructable. However it was not, and added stuff like simple manners (which go a long way). 5 stars
Looks like the Cathedral of Learning! Hail to Pitt!
all hail!
This was great! One of the first "How to dates" I've found that don't try to get you laid. It was a nice break.
I totally agree with the ways said. But still what's the point in being so different if you are not THAT really!!!. The point in having a date is just to know each other..But if its a one nite stand, its far too much...,
Girls like cash (step 4) but I consider Starbucks to be "cheap" unless it's a lunch-break thing? L

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